Cylone™ Aspiration Catheter


Cylone™ Aspiration Catheter

The Cylone™ aspiration catheter, featuring an end-to-end coil and braid construction, ensures easy navigation to the M1 and M2 segments and effective and atraumatic clot removal for patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke




Braid improves torsion control and tensile strength of the device.

Aspiration Catheter

Inner coil layer provides superior kink resistance and enhances radial force under negative pressure resulting in optimized thrombus aspiration ability

Inner coil layer

Excellent navigability

Great pushability

Maintain lumen integrity during navigation and aspiration

Cylone™ Aspiration Catheter

Multi Transition Zones Enhance Force Transmission And Provide Extra Support Throughout Aortic Arch

Lower bending rigidity at distal segment - Softer distal segment allows Cyclone to overcome the most tortuous anatomies.

Greater bending rigidity at proximal segment -Excellent pushability and push/pull control

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Ton-bridgeare a leading player in the peripheral and neurovascular interventional medical device market in China.


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