ASTM E1354 Cone Calorimeter for Building Materials

ISO 5660Reaction to fire tests-Heat release, smoke production and mass loss rate.
ASTM E 1354Method of test for heat and smoke release rates for materials and products using an Oxygen Consumption Calorimeter
BS 476 Pt.15Fire tests on building materials and structures-Part 15: Methods for measuring the rate of heat release of products.
GB/T 16172-2007Method of test for heat release rate of building materials.
NFPA 264Standard method of test for heat and visible smoke release rates for materials and products using an oxygen consumption calorimeter
AIgnition system

1、 10kV spark lighter with safe fire-off device. The lighter automatically detect its position via the lever which connects to the closing mechanism.
2、System automatic ignition, automatic timing, automatic gas closing and fire-off.
BExhaust system
1、Made up of axial flow fan, stainless steel exhaust pipe, diffusion plate, smoke collecting cover, exhaust pipe, orifice plate flow meter and thermometer.
2、 Stainless steel, long service life, including the cover, gas sampling needle, exhaust fan.
CGas sampling system
1、Including the ring sampler, getter pump, particle filter, cold trap, exhaust valve, water filter and filter of CO2.
2、Three-stage filtration at an precision of 0.5um.
3、Freezing cold trap, air-conditioning refrigeration system, control the temperature of 0 ~ 5 ℃
4、Sampler has 12 pores opposite to the direction of air flow. Built-in dust filter is 685mm away from the smoke collecting cover.
DMeasuring system
1、Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer, range 0-25%; British imported SERVOMEX oxygen sensor, linear response.
2、 Smoke density is measured with a laser system.
3、High precision load sensor measures the weight change of sample material during testing process.
4、Temperature control system: PID temperature control, three thermocouples measure radiation cone temperature.
EUser operating system
1、Laboratory used professional Labwiew control system, user friendly, easy to operate, precise control.
2、PID temperature control module is linked with power adjusting module. Programmable controller adjust the thermostat control.
3、Signal acquisition and processing module is linked with the air flow circuit control module through the programmable logic controller to calculate the output, intelligent adjustment of the preset wind speed. The system provides the query function. The system will automatically make sample serial number and store the serial number and temperature curve in the database within the system, and can be inquired by entering the sample number, test date, etc.

Heat release is the core measurement parameter for assessing material and product fire characteristics. The cone calorimeter meets all existing standards (including ISO 5660, ASTM E 1354, ASTM E 1474, ASTM E 1740, ASTM F 1550, ASTM D 6113, NFPA 264, CAN ULC 135 and BS 476. part 15), and also can be purchased in the form of parts, so that the laboratory needs to operate specific tests, such as heat release, loss of quality, smoke generation, etc. You can buy the required parts at first, and then gradually add other instruments to the same test chamber to become a complete set of instrument. This flexible feature is one of the many advantages of the cone calorimeter.
The test theory of the cone calorimeter is based on the fact that the amount of pure combustion calories are proportional to the amount of oxygen burned. Combustion of each 1kg of oxygen will produce 13.1MJ / kg of gas. Parameters such as the heat emissions, ignition time, oxygen consumption rate, production rate of CO and CO2, gas flow, will be measured.

Cone calorimeter is widely used to measure the heat release rate in material combustion process accurately, to evaluate the combustion performance of the material and to measure the core parameters of the product in the fire. It plays a very important role in predicting the fire hazard and its flame prevention and control.

1. 19" standard cabinet integrated design, nice, easy to operate.
2. cone heater - in the truncated cone, 230V, 5000W, heat output is 0 ~ 120 kW / m2.
3. 19 "touch screen computer to control the entire test process.
4. automatic ignition system, automatic measurement of burning time.
5. 3 K-type thermocouples and PID temperature controller to control the temperature in 3 periods.
6. automatic split gate -protect the sample area before the test to ensure the initial quality measurement is stable. The operator can have extra time to run system testing before the start of the test. For flammable samples, if there is no opening and closing mechanism, it is easy to burn at earlier time. This extra time is very important to the operator.
7. sample holder - sample size 100mm x 100mm, thickness of no more than 50mm.


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