AATCC 195 Moisture Management Tester

Testing Standards:
AATCC 195, SN 1689.1, GB/T 21655.2

Moisture management tester is the tool for the measurement, evaluation and classification of liquid moisture management properties of textile fabrics. By testing the changes in electrical resistance of textiles placed between two horizontal electrical sensors with concentric pins, the tester can calculate fabric liquid moisture content changes that quantify dynamic liquid moisture transport behaviors in multiple directions of the specimen.

Product Information:
The MMT is the only instrument on the market that can precisely measure the liquid management properties of performance and technical fabrics, ensuring the comfort and protection that consumers demand.Fabric liquid moisture transport properties in multi-dimensions, called moisture management properties, influence the human perception of moisture sensations significantly. To improve the comfort of today's clothing, especially in sportswear, it is important to know the liquid moisture management properties of the fabric.

Test Principle:
The Moisture Management Tester (MMT) is an equipment to measure the dynamic liquid transport properties of textiles such as knitted and woven fabrics in three dimensions.
1. Absorption Rate - Moisture absorbing time of the fabric’s inner and outer surfaces.
2. One-way Transportation Capability – Liquid moisture one-way transfer from fabric’s inner surface to outer surface.
3. Spreading/Drying Rate – Speed of liquid moisture spreading on fabric’s inner and outer surfaces.

MMT permits the measurement of the following indexes:
- Wetting Time Top/Bottom (WTT/WTB)
- Absorption Rate Top/Bottom (TAR/BAR)
- Maximum Wetted Radius Top/Bottom (MWRT/MWRB)
- Spreading Speed Top/Bottom (TSS/BSS)
- Accumulative One-Way Transport Capacity (R)
- Overall Moisture Management Capacity (OMMC)

A. Shell all-metal structure, with wonderful anti-interference ability.
B. The upper sensor and protective translucent door are motorized to automatically move into position at the beginning and conclusion of the test run, with built-in pressure testing equipment, to the fixed pressure automatically stop, and can automatically return after the test .
C. Improving the structure of droplet injection system, accurate and stable in droplet. Unique reverse pumping system can reverse pumping, make the liquid left in the pipe return to storage tank, and prevent brine crystallization plugging silicone tube.

Technical Specifications
1.Dimension: 240mm(H)×320mm(L)×200mm(W);
2.Net Weight: 8kg;
3.Interface: WiFi;
4.Power Supply: 110V~230V, 50Hz/60Hz, 0.5A;
5.Operation Temp & RH: 18°C to 40°C, 20% to 80% (non-condensing);
6.Pump On Time: 20sec;
7.Test Solution: Conductivity - 16 mS± 0.2 mS;
8.Upper Weight: 4.65N±0.05.

Standard Configurations:
2.MMT analysis software
3.Conductivity Meter


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