En 149 Medical Face Mask Air Exchange Pressure Difference Tester

Medical Face Mask Air Exchange Pressure Difference Tester HZ-9503 is based on standard YY0469-2011 "medical surgical masks technical requirements of the test principle is the use of differential pressure sensor to put masks inner pressure and the pressure difference between the external pressure of the test items, with special tooling equipment, realize the test of sealing products, mainly applied to medical surgical masks/mask weaving gas exchange measurement of pressure difference, also can be used to determine the differential pressure gas exchange other textile materials.

2. Test principle:
(1) Vacuum pump is used to realize the power source of the test product;
(2) The internal and external pressure measurement of the product is realized by using tooling and fixture, with built-in differential pressure sensor;
(3) The case adopts the form of all-in-one machine with built-in vacuum pump and digital display meter to realize automatic pressure detection and automatic display
(4) Equipped with special jig, convenient for testing products;

Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Air supply Suction type
Air flow 8L / min
Seal type O-ring seal
Sample breathable diameter Φ25mm
Differential pressure sensor range 0 ~ 500Pa
Display mode Digital display pressure difference
Power supply 220V, 50Hz


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