General Dental Cabinet

Metal dental Cabinet

Full steel structure medical treatment cabinethas strong function, good load-bearing capacity, beautiful and generous, it not only enriches your storage space, but also meets the various needs of medical staff. The cabinet body is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate and refined by a series of sheet metal process. The surface is sprayed with acid pickling phosphating electrostatic epoxy resin, which is waterproof and acid and alkali resistant.

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Advantages of General Dental Cabinet

Why Is Umg's Dental Cabinet Made Of Stainless Steel?

The first is from the point of view of fire prevention, because hospitals and clinics have high requirements for fire protection, and the traditional wooden medical cabinet is difficult to meet the fire protection requirements because of its own material, while the stainless steel metal plate does not exist in this respect of fire hazards.

The 2nd considers from waterproof Angle, oneself of medical treatment combination cabinet contains lavabo and faucet, cannot leave water source, and oneself of traditional woodiness medical treatment is qualitative encounter tide loose layer to expand, encounter water direct crack to be out of shape, even moldy rot, and stainless steel material is qualitative the quality problem that solves this respect thoroughly from raw material headstream occurs.

Third in terms of environmental protection, the particularity of use place to decorating and home their own environmental protection of the raw material is higher, the traditional real wood plank furniture glue is needed in the process of production and processing, surface need painting, all of these is the presence of formaldehyde, and man-made wood board itself in the process of production have glue, so more difficult to achieve environmental protection requirement. The stainless steel raw material itself is 100% formaldehyde free, real environmental protection.

Fourth, considering the use cost of the product, hospitals or clinics belong to public places, the internal supporting medical cabinet and combined cabinet must take into account the comprehensive use cost, although the price of stainless steel products is slightly higher than that of traditional wood, but if the comprehensive calculation from the service life of the product or stainless steel is cheaper.

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