Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

Dynamic light scattering (DLS), also known as photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS), is a commonly used characterization method for nanoparticles. The DLS particle size analyzerhas the advantages of accuracy, rapidity, and good repeatability for the measurement of Nano particles, emulsions or suspensions. Nanoptic 90 nano particle size analyser is a typical nanoparticle size measurement instrument based on dynamic light scattering.It can measure nanomaterial down to 1 nanometer which is an essential tool for nanoparticle size distribution measurement to understand and research nano powdered materials.

With the latest dynamic light scattering particle size analysisand the development of improved data processing technology, the current dynamic light scattering instrument for nanoparticle size distribution analysis not only has the ability to measure particle size, but also to measure Zeta potential and molecular weight of molecules, which makes particle size analyzer for nanoparticlesbe widely used for nanoparticle analysis.Bettersize Nanoptic 90 is a typical DLS instrument for particle size determination of nanomaterials.

The principle of DLS of dynamic light scattering is that Nano-particles, emulsion droplets and molecules in suspension are moving due to collisions caused by liquid molecules due to Brownian motion. When a laser interacts with these dynamic particles or molecules, fluctuations in the intensity of the scattered light are caused. The frequency of the fluctuation depends on the velocity of the particle, which is directly related to the size of the particle (because the smaller the particle size, the faster it moves and the larger the particle the slower it moves under the effect of the Brownian motion).

Therefore, the velocity of particle Brownian motion will be obtained by analyzing the intensity fluctuation of scattered light, and the particle size and particle size distribution of nanoparticle can be obtained by using Stokes-Einstein equation. And that is the method for measuring nanoparticle size. Our dynamic light scattering systemis excellent, if you need DLS particle size analysis, please contact us to buy dynamic light scattering machineand dynamic light scattering equipment.

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