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The alloy of copper and zinc is called brass! The content of brass elements affects its processing properties. Our brass has strong wear resistance. High corrosion resistance, excellent hot workability and weldability, good machinability and easy soldering.

All the holes and edges of our product are cut by laser, the product has fewer burrs and is precise.

Because we control the size of the cut through a step-by-step computer program, our products have high precision, fewer burrs, and high efficiency.

Laser-cut copper can cut each pattern. In addition to the round and square holes of this product, our laser cutting can also cut text and logo. We can customize according to customer needs.

Brass cut can be used as a shell for electronic products. This one is a part of the small electric box. Every hole we follow the customer's drawing size. Most of our products are made to order.

We provide designing laser cut partsand laser cutting componentsfor you.

The following are the detailed parameters of the brass material

Thickness:we offer customized.

Material: Brass /steel/aluminum/sus304/sus316 and others.

surface treatments Finish: black anodize, Plating, Painting, Powder coating and deburred.

Process: laser cutting/silk printing or powder coating and logo printing.

Color: steel color/white/ gold color/black /Cooper and so on.

Tolerance: +/-0.01mm

Typical Applications:

Electronic Component Relays

Surgical Equipment Controls

Network switch components

We could offer a sample and please send your 3D drawing to us or your main idea.

We package our PE bag+carton box+pallet/wooden case ( Customized packaging is welcome.

Sheet metal contacts are quoted within 24 hours and shipped in as fast as 3 days (without a finish).

Shenzhen HSJ Metal Fabrication Co., Ltd. is a professional sheet metal processing factoryand sheet metal components manufacturers, we provide research and development, production of metal fabrication and different kinds of stamping parts, metal bending parts, custom metal fabrication services, CNC machine lathe car spare parts and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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