Thermal Night Vision

Terminology Concept

The vehicle vision systemis mainly used in the dark environment without visible light or low light. The infrared emitting device actively projects the infrared light onto the object, and the infrared light is reflected by the object and enters the lens for imaging. The imaged image is formed by the reflection of infrared light instead of visible light. At this time, you can see the picture that is invisible to the naked eye in the dark environment.

The vehicle mounted night visiontechnology mainly uses the photoelectric conversion of the infrared light source to perform image processing technology. It is divided into active and passive. Active imaging, the target is illuminated with an infrared searchlight, and the reflected infrared radiation is received to form an image. Passive does not emit infrared light, and relies on the target's own infrared radiation to form a "thermal image", so it is also called "thermal imager". Compared with the imaging of the two technologies, the active imaging is clear and can identify people, targets, scenes, and so on.

he composition of infrared thermal night vision device

After being energized, the current is transmitted through the PCB circuit board to an infrared wick that converts electrical energy into light energy and thermal energy, and the infrared light device emits infrared light and is projected onto the object.

The lens collects the infrared light reflected by the infrared lamp after being projected onto the object, and is imaged by focusing processing and then transmitted to the photosensitive element (CCD/CMOS) of the camera board.

The photosensitive component (CCD/CMOS) converts the received infrared light image from light to current signal and transmits it to each working IC electronic component through the PCB circuit board for processing, and finally converts it into a video signal output through the micro processing chip (DSP).

The above components are fixed, and the components are protected to achieve dustproof, waterproof, and anti-shock effects, and at the same time, the entire product is more beautiful.

The meaning of car night vision system

The car night vision system will be a safety system with higher value after the airbag and anti-lock braking system.

The car is equipped with a night vision system that extends the driver's field of vision beyond the range of headlights. Therefore, before using the night vision system, the headlights or brake lights must be turned on, otherwise it will not work. It is also worth noting that the night vision system is not a substitute for visual information obtained through the windshield through the eyes. It only provides you with auxiliary information when it is dark.

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