Mass Production Service

What is Mass Production?

Mass production refers to the continuous repetition of the manufacture of the same products in a longer period of production. Here are some characteristics of : less product varieties, large product output, relatively stable production, long-term fixed to complete the same product of one or two processes in one workshop, a higher degree of specialization. Mass production manufacturing generally can has pipeline, automatic line and other advanced forms of production organization, and operating workers usually engage in regular occupation, which is conducive to improving the operational proficiency of workers and labor productivity. Mass production process can be a kind of simple production, or it can be a kind of complex production. In the enterprise and workshop of mass production, it is appropriate to take the form of object specialization to divide the production units, and layout of required various production equipment according to the process flow.

Advantages of Mass Production

With more than 500 high-speed, high-precision CNC machining equipment and world-class injection molding equipment, 20+ years of mold manufacturing experience, we manufacturer can provide you with all-round services such as rapid mold manufacturing and injection molding mass production to achieve optimal production efficiency and effectively reduce production costs, providing a full range of rapid mass production solutions.


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