Yacht Model Making Case Study

Project name:Yacht model

Material: ABS engineering plastics

Process: CNC machining

Post treatment: Painting, plating

Qty: 1 set

Advantages: high precision, fast speed and high processing efficiency

Production cycle: 15 days

Project requirements:

2, perfect assembly, fine surface treatment, smooth lines of finished products and even colors

Project Background

The birth of a yacht begins with a drawing. After a rigorous review, the model of the yacht is produced. This is the conceptual model of the yacht. The customer can easily make the appearance review by making the yacht model.

Project pre-stage analysis:

After receiving the design drawings sent by the customer, the production department holds a preliminary analysis meeting, and through the cooperation of various departments, detailed analysis of each problem that the product needs to pay attention to.

Process and material selection:

The hull and superstructure are mostly made of ABS engineering plastics as raw materials, and some small parts are made of metal stainless steel. Most of the manufacturing processes are done by CNC abs plastic machining. After processing, the model needs to be post-treated by grinding, painting, electroplating, etc. to enhance the appearance of the model.

Production process:

  1. ABS CNC machiningprocess, split the model to ensure that the components of each level can be processed; with the help of the software, the pre-analyst optimizes the assembly of the drawings and verifies the feasibility of the drawings. .

  1. abs precision machiningis completed, the parts are rough-assembled and necessaryly polished to ensure that the products are assembled correctly before painting.

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