Air Quality Monitor

The atmosphere is the basic condition for our survival. Air pollution has become a serious problem that affects human health and threatens human survival because of the persistent pollution and destruction of human activities.

In recent years, with the air pollution prevention and control work started, China's urban air quality improved year by year. However, long-term accumulation of air pollution is still relatively serious and it has the characteristics of regional complex type due to the energy structure constraints. Air pollution control a complex system engineering which requires sub-regional and phased management. We need accurately assess regional air quality and continuously strengthen environmental governance since air quality on-line monitoring is of great significance.

Air quality continuous online automatic monitoring system can real-time monitor concentration changes of SO2, NOx, O3, CO, particulate matter(PM2.5, PM10) and other conventional pollution factor. It can be integrated with aerosols, VOCs, NH3, and halide(HF/HCl) according to customer’s needs. Combined with the five-parameter analyzer(temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed and air pressure), the regional environment can be continuously measured in 24 hours. And then through the process of data collection, storage and analysis to achieve regional environmental air quality assessment. Monitoring system mainly consists of sampling system, analytical instruments, calibration systems, and data acquisition system four parts.

The gaseous pollutant analyzer includes SO2 analyzer, NOx analyzer (chemiluminescence method), O3 analyzer, CO analyzer, VOCs analyzer, laser gas (HCl, HF, NH3, etc.) analyzer, NO2, analyzer(CAPS principle).

While the particle analyzer consists of a PM2.5 analyzer, a PM10 analyzer and a matting instrument(aerosol analyzer).

Featuresof ambient air quality monitoring instrument:

Support real-time display of data and data curve.

Support historical data and historical alarm information query.

Support for automatic calibration, remote operation and data network transmission.

With the function of data management, information release, remote control, network management, system maintenance and so on.

With various data analysis means, alarm data can be aggregated for statistical analysis, automatic reporting.

HANGZHOU ZETIAN TECHNOLOGY, established in 2008, is one of the most professional air pollution monitoring instruments manufacturersin China. Welcome you to visit us. Currently, we are looking for certificated distributor and OEM clients throughout the world. R&D cooperation is also welcomed. If you have any interest, please contact us!


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