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shares that in oil drilling, a drill tool is used to break up rock and drill into the ground to drill holes of specified depth for oil or gas production by oil or gas producers. A commonly used oil drilling rig is mainly composed of eight parts, such as power engine, transmission engine, working machine and auxiliary equipment.

System composition

Generally, there are eight systems (hoisting system, rotary system, drilling fluid circulation system, transmission system, control system, monitoring and display instrument, power drive system, drilling rig base, drilling rig auxiliary equipment system), which should have the ability of hoisting and tripping, rotary drilling and circulating well cleaning. The main equipment includes: derrick, crane, winch, travelling block, hook, turntable, faucet (power faucet) and drilling pump (eight pieces of drilling machine in the field), power machine (diesel engine, electric motor, gas turbine), combined motor, solid control equipment, well control equipment, etc.

The working principle

The lifting ring and the lifting ring seat are connected with a pin shaft, the lifting ring seat and the hook rod are welded into a whole, the barrel and the hook body are connected with left thread, and the locking block is used to prevent the thread from loosening. The hook body and barrel can move up and down the hook rod. The effect of the internal and external load spring is to make the vertical root spring up when drilling.


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