Keypad Meter

Keypad Meter

This is a three phases four wires prepayment keypad split type meter, which is based on virtual medium, the data encryption process complies with international standard IEC62055.

Built-in 100A relay in MCU which can trip when over load, balance run out, tamper happen and so on.

RF communication between MCU and CIU, so user can recharge or check balance at home from CIU conveniently, and CIU will display MCU’s real time data for user.

  1. Technical Parameter 3P Suspension Meter



Impulse constant


LCD display



Relative humidity



Accuracy class

Starting current

Power consumption


Standard compliant

Performance test: GB/T 17215.321-2008 GB/T 17215.211-2006

Protection degree: GB/T20138-2006IEC62052-11,IEC62053-21,IEC62056-21,IEC62055-41

  1. 3 Phase Smart Meter

Build in 100A relay which can trip when over load, power limit programmable.

Cover open detection.

Keypad on meter which can enter recharge token and check meter parameters.

Supports phase sequence detection, phase angle measurement, quadrant judgment etc.

Supports harmonic percentage measurement for voltage and current, it can used for energy quality analysis.

keypad meter wholesalekeeps last 50 recharge records and relevant token for query.

With Infrared for local reading and setting.

With RF wire communication between MCU and CIU, CIU can display balance, alarm time and so on events. Enter short key in CIU keypad to read MCU’s data, enter recharge token in CIU keypad to recharge for MCU.

Battery backup for CIU if power off.


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