Cemented True Zero-Order Waveplates

The true zero order waveplate means that the thickness of waveplate is very thin (less than 0.1mm) which make the true zero order waveplate excellent in temperature, wavelength and incident angle (about 20°) bandwidth. Therefore, it is excellent choice for the highly accurate application. It is cemented with a block of glass which is limited to low and medium power application.

Key features:

- Broad Spectral Bandwidth

- Wide Temperature Bandwidth

- Wide Angle Bandwidth

- Cemented By Epoxy

Technical capability


crystal quartz / BK7 optical glass

Dimension Tolerance:

+0.0, -0.1mm

Wavefront Distortion:

λ/8 @ 632.8nm

Retardation Tolerance:


Wavelength Range:



< 1 arc second

Surface Quality:

20-10 scratch & dig


AR/AR coating, R < 0.2% on both surface at central wavelength


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