Plano-Convex Lenses

Plano-Convex Lenses

Fused Silica Plano-Convex Lenses with 1064 nm Laser Line Antireflection V-Coating

Fused silica Plano-Convex lensesare the best choice for focusing parallel rays of light to a single point.With AR coated fused silica Plano-Convex lenses can offers best optical performance. Our AR 1064nm laser V-coating offers the low reflectance at 1064 nm for high transmission, reduce to surface reflection and scattering. And our coating have high damage resistance, it will be keep the lenses maintaining high durability.

CLZ Precision Optics offers a wide range of high quality Spherical lensesfor a variety of applications, including Plano Convex Lenses, Plano Concave Lenses, Bi-convex Lenses, Bi-Concave Lenses, Meniscus Lenses, Spherical Mirrorsand Achromatic Doublets. We are good at supply custom lenses from your design, our manufacturing capacity from diameter 10mm up to diameter 200 in a full range of optical glass materials to meet most applications, and we are also offered in a wide variety of coatings to meet your needs and specifications.


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