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The basic characteristics of a wide angle lens or wide angle camera lens are that the lens has a large angle of view to ensure a wide field of view. The scope of the scene observed from a certain point of view is much larger than that of the human eye at the same point of view; the depth of field is long, which can show a considerable range of clarity; the wide angle lens non fisheye from Tesoo can emphasize the perspective effect of the picture, and is good at exaggerating the foreground and expressing the scene of distance, which helps to enhance the appeal of the picture.

The Tesoo 160 Degree Lens is an aspherical lens used in camera. As a daily essential wide-angle lens, it is very suitable for taking photos and making movies with mobile s. Its wide-angle design allows the camera to obtain up to twice the viewing area. In terms of material, it is made of aerospace-grade metal and hand-polished glass used to make high-end 4K film lenses.

TeSoo, one of the most qualified wide angle lens suppliersin China, produces all kinds of wide angle lens such as m7 1.8 mm wide angle lens, reverse camera lens for car, laptop camera lens and other kinds of lenses for different scenarios. Contact us for more information about wide angle lens price!

What Are Wide Angle Lenses?

A wide lens, also known as wide angle camera lens, is a photographic lens with the focal length shorter than a standard lens, the view angle larger than a standard lens smaller than a fish eye lens, the distance longer than the widest fisheye lens. Being one of the biggest wide angle lens manufacturersin China, our wide angle lens typesinclude ordinary wide-angle lenses and ultra-wide-angle lenses. The focal length of the ordinary wide-angle lens of the 135 camera is generally 38-24 mm, and the angle of view is 60-84 degrees; the focal length of the ultra-wide-angle lens is 20-13 mm, and the angle of view is 94-118 degrees. The M7 1.8 mm wide angle lensproduced by our company is very popular in the market. Due to the short focal length of the wide angle camera lens and the large viewing angle, a larger area of scenery can be captured within a shorter shooting distance. If you are searching for a high-quality and affordable wide angle lens non fisheye, we can help.

What Are Wide Angle Lenses Good For?


Under the same preconditions (aperture, distance), a wider focal length lens can bring a deeper depth of field than a telephoto lens, so that a large amount of content in the range is in the focus range, and it is more difficult to shoot blur.


The wide angle webcam lens can be well substituted into the foreground, using the foreground to set off the scenery in the background of the picture.


If you are not taking a portrait shot, but you want to substitute the portrait into the background to highlight some subjects, the best way is to use a wide angle camera lens such as 120 degree wide angle camera lens.


The advantage of medium telephoto is to separate the background or reduce the background space to highlight the subject, while the wide angle camera lens such as 130 degree field of view lens can stretch the width of the picture to allow more background content to be included in the picture to set off the subject.

What Does Tesoo Wide Angle Lens Do?

Wide Angle Lens Brings People With The Scene

Its wide viewing angle makes it possible to better record the current environment when shooting with a wide angle lens with low aperture, adding a sense to the portrait, and forming the effect of "bringing people with the scene". When using wide-angle lens to get close to the subject, the exaggerated visual effects will make the animal being photographed very cutely.

Technique Of Using Wide Angle Lens

When composing wide-angle lens, you only need to place the legs of the person in the four corners of the frame to naturally elongate. Mastering this technique, you can shoot extra long legs in minutes.

As a professional camera lens suppliers, Bohao has high-quality automotive lensfor sale. Welcome to contact us if needed.


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