Building material burning performance tester

According to GB / T8626, ISO11925 development, suitable for the absence of external radiation conditions, with a small flame directly impact the vertical placement of the sample to determine the flammability of building products.Applicable to category B, C, D, E, Bfl, Cfl, Dfl and Efl related to building material testing, the unit provides a comprehensive solution for ease of use by the operator.

Building material burning performance testing machine meet the standards: EN ISO 11925-2, DIN 53438, DIN4102-1, GB / T 8626 and other standards.

Building material burning performance testertechnical parameters:
1, stainless steel structure box;
2, the inlet burner diameter Φ0.17mm, there are four Φ4 mm air conditioning holes;
3, the flame height adjustable, automatic ignition;
4, the flame application time and fuel time can be 0 to 99 minutes and 99 seconds to adjust;
5, gas pressure: 10KPa-50 KPa;
6, burning angle: 0 ° (vertical), 45 °
7, through the chassis outside the debug handle, the burner can move in the horizontal direction;
8, tempered glass door easy to observe the test;
9, stainless steel sample holder and sample template;
10, equipped with two kinds of stainless steel sample clip.Flame height gauge;
11, a high degree of experimental automation, experimental data accurate, easy to operate;

Building material burning performance testercontrol system:
1, programmable controller (PLC) control:
2, automatic timing, automatic detection of flame, automatic ignition, ignition abnormal protection;
3, optional automatic detection of wind speed, 6 samples of experimental data preservation;
4, the text display display;
5, real-time monitoring of experimental data, query 6 experimental data, query the alarm content.
6, the experimental abnormal sound alarm.


至: 千实精密机电仪器检测设备有限公司
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