TECON-Form Plastic Board

TECON-Form Plastic Board series consists of Cellular Board, Plas-film Board and high end Plas-tech Board. With different materials and manufacturing processes, TECON-Form Plastic Board series are growing ever popular due to much improved performance in concrete finishing and much lower cost in each use.

Feature of TECON-Form Plastic Board

Much longer service life, much lower cost per use

Better concrete finishing than normal marine board

Can be sawn and nailed, same using method

Delamination not affected even in rainy climates during concreting

Can be recycled thus environmental friendly

Versatile use in formwork system in both girder system and framed system

SpecificationofTECON-Form Plastic Board



Customized sizes are available such as 1500*2700mm, 1500*3000mm etc for formwork frame use

Panel series

TECON-Form Cellular Board minimum 30 times uses

TECON-Form Plas-film Board minimum 30 times uses

TECON-Form Plas-tech Board minimum 100 times uses *long fiber glass added

*All above use time is evaluated by 18mm thickness board based on normal maintenance

Application of TECON-Form Plastic Board

Different shuttering area using with formwork girders or formwork frames etc.

Related Product of TECON-Form Plastic Board

TECON-Form Film Faced Plywood, H20 Timber beam, Aluminium I beam

TECON is one of professional formwork companies. We provide Formwork Accessories, Facade Protection, concrete scaffolding, plastic shuttering panels, concrete shuttering panels for sale, concrete shuttering panelsand so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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