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Generally,cards with RFID chipsare featured by the following characteristics:

(1) High reliability. Information can be stored by around 10 years, and can be read and written by more than 100,000 times.

(2) High security. Most RFID cards can be encrypted by a high level of encryption.

(3) User memory is larger than the memory of a traditional magnetic card.

(4) A large variety of custom printed RFID cards. Not only the size and thickness of the card, but also the printing on the surface of the card can be customized according to the needs of customers.

Attributes of RFID Card:

ISO7810 specifies the physical characteristics of RFID cards, including the card's material, construction, and size. Usually, the size of the RFID card for sale is 85.5 x 54mm, we call it CR80 standard.

DTB RFID Card Production

RFID ISO Plastic CardRFID ISO plastic card can be produced into blank card without printing, and you can buy it and process it whatever you like by yourself. In addition, It can be also produced into printed card according to your design by our factory.

RFID Irregular Size CardRFID irregular size cards can be easily carried with a key ring. Therefore, it has become a good choice for applications such as membership management, cashless payment, and access control.

RFID Plastic BadgeRFID badge is not only a voucher, it can also be used for payment management and membership management at the event site. In order to perform event management more efficiently, RFID badges came into being.

RFID ISO Paper CardDTB has introduced a fully automatic production line for RFID paper cards. Therefore, we can not only guarantee the production efficiency, but also make products with high quality and competitive advantages in the industry.

RFID ISO Contact IC Card"IC card" is an abbreviation for Integrated Circuit Card, and its shape and dimensions follow international standards (ISO / IEC 7816). Contact IC card has a large storage capacity.

RFID Epoxy RFID CardEpoxy key tag is anti-dust, waterproof, bubble, transparency such as glass and three-dimensional sense of good, suitable for membership management, points, consumer systems, card payments, etc..

Magnetic CardMagnetic cards are easy to use and cost-effective, so they are widely used in various applications. There are 3 tracks on the magnetic stripe.

RFID Hard StickerRFID hard sticker is mainly used for asset management. Its shape is generally designed according to the actual use. DTB provides a variety of different glue options to ensure that the RFID hard sticker is durable.

What does RFID Card Mean?

RFID chip id card is a generic term for a plastic card with a microchip embedded in it. Some RFID cards contain a microelectronic chip, while some RFID cards contain two or more chips.

Category of RFID Card by Size

ISO Card:85.5*54mm (every production process is standard in our RFID card factory)

Irregular Card: smaller or bigger than 85.5*54mm (each shape should be created by mold).

Category of RFID Card by Frequency

LF RFID Inlay(125KHz/134.2KHz)

HF/NFC RFID Inlay(13.56MHz)

UHF/Rain RFID Inlay(860~960MHz)

Category of RFID Card by Material

PVC material: not eco-material, stand with temperature under 80 degrees.

ABS/PET/PETG material: eco-material, stand with the temperature around 100 degrees.

Wood/bamboo material: eco-material, very good for the environment.

Production Process of RFID Card

(RFID inlay + artwork printing) --- cover inlay by printing layer --- high-temperature lamination --- printing again (if necessary) --- die-cut to the customized size --- numbering, encoding, epoxy, .. .. .. --- OQC --- packing --- shipment

What is RFID Used for?

Transportation and tourism

Loyalty management

Finance (cashless payment)

Social insurance

Medical and health

Government administration

School management

DTB RFID provides variousRFID products for customers all over the world, contact us to get more info.

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