400 Tr Cooling Tower

Closed Circular Cross Flow Cooling Tower(AHC)

It refers to a cooling tower in which the cooling hot water passes through the packing from top to bottom, while the air flows through the packing from horizontal and oblique directions, and the flow direction of hot water and the air is nearly 90 degrees (some manufacturers also call it direct cooling tower).

Features Of Closed Circular Cross Flow Cooling Tower

Structural Drawing Of Closed Cross Flow Cooling Tower

Application Scope Of Closed Circular Cross Flow Cooling Tower

The closed circular cross flow cooling tower fan adopts a silent large blade fan, which makes the noise at the outlet of the cooling tower lower. The gravity pool type water distribution is adopted. The spray water enters into the basin and then passes through the nozzle under the action of gravity. The heat exchange filler under the spray and the heat exchanger of the closed cooling tower. After passing through the heat exchanger, it naturally flows into the bottom sump. Therefore, the noise of a closed circular cross flow cooling tower is lower than that of a closed counter flow cooling tower. There was no sound of water dripping into the pan. Compared with the counter flow cooling tower, the closed circular cross flow cooling tower can be assembled side by side, which has a smaller floor area. Therefore, the cross-flow closed cooling tower is more suitable for occasions with high noise requirements and a small floor area.

Square Cross Flow Cooling Tower (AH)

The cross flow tower is the abbreviation of cross flow cooling tower. The cross flow tower refers to equipment that the fresh air was forced suctioned from two sides under the action of the fan and motor, while the water drops flow from top to bottom in the filler by gravity.

The flow direction of the air and water is 90° angle, mass transfer and heat transfer are carried out in the filler.

Specifications Of Square Cross Flow Cooling Tower

Details Of Square Cross Flow Cooling Tower

Reducer & Fan

Reducer: Transmission bearing chooses import NSK or NTN standard axle bearing, long service life and is not easy to damage, belt choose the import high strength V belt, high strength, wear resistance, long service life. Also, provide the AOSUA patent reducer with an external visualization device.

Fan: Use a high-quality aluminum alloy cross fan with an adjustable angle. Meet customer's different requirements for the process like a blast capacity. The fan must through strict balance and orientate before delivery, four-leaf forward plate-type design, to make the force of every piece is small, advantages: little vibration, low noise, high efficiency, power saving.

Petals Nozzle

The nozzle is made of ABS plastic one-time injection molding with high strength long service life. The nozzle water distribution is uniform, work pressure is low, widely suitable pressure range, and not easy to jam. Because of its locking and anti-loosening device, make the connection of it and the water distribution tightly, not shed, ensure long-term safe operation of the water distribution system. Under the condition of normal use, the service life of the nozzle is 20 years. Good heat dissipation effect, especially suit for power plant cooling water.


This cross flow type cooling tower uses the AOSUA designer's latest research and test results, anti-UV and corrosion resistance PVC vacuum forming molding,good entirety rigidity after assemble, low air resistance, remarkable thermodynamic performance.

The Casing

The square type cooling tower owns material that is FRP composite,surface gel coat use imported raw material, inside the colour has an anti-UV stabilizer, smooth surface, aging resistant.

Steel Frame

The open circuit cooling tower is made of international superior angle iron, high intensity, good durability. All the steel frames through strict hot-dip galvanizing, good preservative effect, high intensity, easy to assemble. The corrosion process accord with the British standard BS ENIS01461: 1999 standard.

Square Counter Flow Non-basin Cooling Tower(AFW)

The square counter flow non-basin cooling tower refers to the cooling tower without a basin. Its principle is the same as a counter-flow square tower. The water flow falls vertically in the tower, and the direction of airflow is opposite to that of water flow. The water exchanges heat and mass with the air flowing through it, resulting in a drop in water temperature.

Precautions for installation of Square Counter Flow Non-Basin Cooling Tower

A、 Appropriate installation site should be selected

The ground bearing capacity should refer to the operating weight of the cooling tower and the design installation coefficient to check the bearing capacity of the installation foundation.

Environmental conditions:

B、 Installation instructions:

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