Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch

What Is Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch?

H3B unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches are basic plug-and-play industrial switches with no remote configuration, management, or monitoring options. H3B offers a mature production line of industrial unmanaged switches from Fast Ethernet, Gigabit, and 10G transmission rate, with copper and different fiber connector types. H3B unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches also offer various port-counts, mounting, and PoE options. Without any configuration, customers have very easy access to stable and rapid network transmission with multiple plug-and-play devices. Our products are also very easy for maintenance. For our full-line industrial series, we offer 5 years warranty to keep great after-sales service.

Why Should We Choose H3B Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch?

Briefly speaking, the H3B series industrial switch is a cost-effective way for you to enter the world of Industrial Ethernet technology.

The unmanaged industrial switches from H3B are the outcome from years of dedicated hardworking without compromising on quality and reliability. We never sacrifice quality to compromise on low price demands. All our switches are designed with 100% brand new materials and imported chipset to ensure stable and long-time performance in harsh environments. For better marketing, we've prepared all the necessary certifications. H3B unmanaged industrial switches are designed for all network applications in which management function is not needed.

What Options Do We Offer about Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch?

With a mature and wide range of industry-grade unmanaged Ethernet switches, H3B can offer an ideal solution for every customer and every location of the application. All our industrial switch series are with a redundant power supply to ensure stable power functions. We also developed multiple switches with PoE ports which would be helpful for the power supply to the equipment such as IP cameras or IP s through the Ethernet cable. H3B unmanaged industrial switch series offers high reliability, up to 18 ports of connectivity; DIN-rail mounting and rack mounting are also optional. Besides, EMI protection is also equipped on all models to ensure the best performance. Our unmanaged POE series is designed for a monitored family of products. With the application of our POE series, it can easily solve the problem of power supply at harsh sites.


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