End Brush

Types of End Brushes

End brushis a common small industrial brush, whose structure is simple but very stable. Crimped wire end brushcan be easily installed on hand tools, such as Angle Grinder or automatic equipment like CNC. For different workpiece materials, polishing requirements, available materials cab be abrasive wire, steel wire, copper wire and so on. The end brush is widely used to further polish most parts of the workpiece to achieve the best results. And the versatility of the end brush is also very wide, which can be processed in different shapes, sizes of parts.

Steel Wire End Brush

Steel Wire brushes have powerful cutting capabilities, which can be used to remove burrs from hard materials such as steel, cast iron, alloy, or other very hard burrs by rotating at high speeds. It ha...

What is an end brush?

In the case of mass production, we have the advantages of fast delivery products. Considering the service life of the end brush, the number of workpieces that can be processed for our product is larger than normal level, and the unit cost is reduced. We have a quick resonse, professional after-sales team, according to customer feedback to make adjustments and improvements as soon as possible. With strong design ability, end brush can provide special-shaped, mixed brush fiber design scheme.

Advantages of End Brushes

Longguang's end brush has a strong stability, which can ensure that the speed of 20000R /min and maintain excellent processing performance, and will not occur the brush wire off, fracture, brush body damage. The shnk can be customized according to the customer's installation requirements. We are very accurate to the installation size requirements, up to +-0.01 tolerance.

Specification Of End Brush

As small type of brush, End brush’s diamter size is generally not more than 25, the normal brush fiber material is silicon carbide, alumina, and wire, if you have special needs, please contact us.

What are end brushes used for?

End brushes are a very handy item often used in industrial production life, and are used in almost every industry, and the production equipment in every industry needs to be cleaned up regularly with brushes, which is very convenient to use. Industrial brush bristles are soft to better handle some uneven surface and remove some small burrs, followed by high-speed rotation in the industrial brush can also further improve the surface finish of the parts. Removing fine dust is especially important in the automotive, furniture and paint industries. These tasks can be performed with ultra-fine natural or artificial bristles. Ostrich bristles can also be used. Their fine twigs are able to absorb large amounts of dust.

As one of the professional industrial brush suppliers, we provide brush end, end brush with shank, wire end brush for drill, polish brushand etc. Want to know flap disc wheel priceor more? Please contact us.


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