Air duster gun

ZEGO provides high quality air duster blow gunfor blow-off drying for engine block, cutting chips, coating powder and dust on steel plates. Professional advice and good service. RFQ today!

Applications of air duster gun

What is an air duster gun used for? There are many applications of air duster gun including blow-off drying after washing, as an edge wiper for steel surface treatment, blow-off drying for engine block, blowing off cutting chips, blowing off coating powder, blowing off dust on steel plates, pinpoint cooling for molded plastic, detachment and cleaning.

Key Features of Air Duster Gun

-The high quality: material makes it not easy to loose, rust or break. It has a long service time.

-For cleaning the dust: the air compressor duster gunis to clean the dust of precision machinery and other instruments.

-Working principle: air duster gun uses the impact of high-pressure airflow of compressed air to blow away the accumulated ash on the surface.

-Widely usage: air duster gun can use for cleaning dust on the engine block, automobile and motorcycle maintenance, manufacturing industry, and others.

How Air Duster Gun Works

An air duster gun consists of a spray gunnozzle set that is attached to the airline, so as to deliver a stable stream of compressed air. To choose a proper air duster gun, firstly, you should check the max application pressure. Then, you should check that your input connection type and size match the air hose. Next, you should choose an excellent noodle to ensure that the outlet is suitable for your application. The output of compressed air can be either constant or adjustable, depending on the trigger design.

Matters Need to Know About Using Air Duster Guns

Without proper care, air duster guns using would be dangerous. They would make loud noises, which results in hearing loss. Besides, the particles in the air would enter your eyes, which leads to infections. If compressed air gets into your skin, it could injure you. In the United States, air duster guns should comply with OSHA regulations for compressed air blowers. OSHA Regulation 29 CFR Part 1910.242(b) states that compressed air shall not be used for cleaning purposes unless reduced below 30psi (200kPa) and only with effective protective equipment.

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