Zoomlion 56m Concrete Boom Pump

Product Description of Zoomlion Concrete Pump


  • Compact in design, the 56m pump mounted on the 4-axle truck, total weight is within the limit of the truckload.
  • Efficient pump unit: consist of 2 Rexroth 180 main pumps, which generates 90 bar pressure on concrete with the smooth flow of 180m3/h.
  • Agile placing boom with 6 arms gives a wide work range.
  • The controller is designed for heavy-duty use, with a monitor, it monitors the concrete pumping equipment intelligently on working data management, real-time diagnostics, alarm logging, and service interval notice.
  • Rich in configurations and high-quality components.

Technical Parameter of Zoomlion 56m Concrete Pump

Zoomlion pump is a kind of concrete transportation tool that is commonly used in many construction units. It can greatly improve the efficiency of the project and shorten the construction period of the project. However, during the construction process, not many people understand the rules of operation of concrete pumps very well. Feeding is a very important part of it, and it should not be ignored.

So how do you feed the concrete pump?

In the pumping process of the concrete pump, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the pumping, it must be carried out according to the factory operating instructions. As an important process in the construction, feeding is along with the entire pumping process of the project. How should the concrete pump be fed in the pumping? Specifically, the following rules can be followed:

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, usually in the process of pumping concrete, the concrete pump hopper should be provided with a separate screen, so as to avoid clogging at the inlet and outlet. At the same time, special personnel should be set to monitor the feeding during the whole feeding process, which can directly avoid the blockage caused by the excessively large aggregate or foreign matter entering.


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