Quick Cabin

We have 3 types of Quick Assembly Cabin: Quick Cabin V2.1,and Shipping Container House.Quick Cabin V2.1 and V3.0are new kinds of module cabin house. Compared to classic module such as flat pack container house, the structure elements including corner, beams, purlin and posts are all jointed by bolts, nuts and screws. That makes it is possible to export 3m wide container houses to overseas at very competitive price.There is no heavy equipment such as forklift and crane needed during assembly although the steel elements are quite solid. That is welcomed for the area where heavy vehicle could not assess. For example, hill top or small islands.Workers with basic experience of construction can assemble the cabin easily. They are able to be stacked up to 3 floors. Together with assembly corridor, staircase and canopy, the assembly of a multistory building is easy and quick. Please visit assembly details.

        			       Quick Cabin

Foldable Containeris 95% finished in factory and can be erected within 10 minutes with lifting equipment. It is convenient and economic both in transportation and assembly. The only disadvantage is the air tightness is not very good.Foldable Container can be stacked up to 2 floors.

        			       Quick Cabin

Shipping container house, converted by an ISO shipping container, is fully welded using galvanized steel plate and casted corner pieces. To meet the shipping container requirements, it has to be sturdy and durable. For individual modular house, there is even no construction work at site besides a flat ground level. They are also can be combined or stacked to a multiple building easily. By specialty reconstruction work, it can resist harsh environments, and be modified to fit customized purpose. Because it conforms to standard shipping sizes, pre-fabricated modules can be easily transported by ship, truck, or rail.

        			       Quick Cabin


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