There are three common types of drilled holes in the printed circuit board:pcb via plating, blind via hole, and buried via hole. Therefore, PCBs are classified according to drilling methods and can be divided into plated through-hole PCB, blind via hole PCB, and Buried via hole PCB.

PTH is the most common drilling method, and it is common in various types of PCBs. SPEEDAPCB has been focusing on the production of various PTH (plated through hole PCB-PTH PCB), buried via hole PCB and blind via hole PCB.


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Drilling Method of Plated Through Hole PCB

Plated Through Hole, the copper foil lines between conductive patterns in different layers of the circuit board are connected or connected with this type of hole, but the copper legs of the component lead or other reinforced materials cannot be inserted. The PCB is formed by the accumulation of many copper foil layers. The copper foil layers cannot communicate with each other because each layer of copper foil is covered with an insulating layer, so they need to rely on via for signal connection.

The through hole of the circuit board must pass through the plug hole to meet the customer's needs. In changing the traditional aluminum sheet plugging process, the solder mask and plug hole on the circuit board surface are completed with a white net to make its production more stable and the quality more reliable , More perfect to use. The vias help the circuits to be connected to each other. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, higher requirements are also placed on the PCB manufacturing process and surface mount technology. The plugging process for vias came into being, and at the same time, it must meet the following requirements:

Through-hole boards are common in all fields and are one of the most common PCBs.

Generally, the mobile board or PDA board has a board that uses a combination of blind and buried holes. The buried hole can reduce the probability of signal interference, maintain the continuity of the transmission line's characteristic impedance, and save routing space. Circuit board design. This type of board requires high technical content and accurate accuracy, so relatively speaking, the requirements for factory equipment are much higher than ordinary multilayer boards, and the cost of such circuit boards will be much higher than ordinary Shelf should be high.

Parameters of Plated Through Hole PCB


Max board size


Boar Material

FR-4,Aluminum, High Tg FR4,CEM3,etc.

Min trace width/ space (inner layer)


Min PAD (inner layer)

5 mil(0.13mm)

Min thickness(inner layer)

4 mil(0.1mm)

Inner copper thickness

Outer copper thickness

Finished board thickness

±0.10 mm

±0.10 mm

Board thickness tolerance control





Inner layer treatment

brown oxidation

Layer count Capability

1-30 LAYER

alignment between ML


Drill hole diameter

Aspect ratio of plated hole


Hole precision

±2 mil(±0.05mm)

tolerance for Slot

±3 mil(±0.75mm)

Hole diameter tolerance(PTH)

±3 mil(±0.075mm)

Hole diameter tolerance(NPTH)


Max Aspect Ratio for PTH


Hole wall copper thickness


Alignment of outer layers


Min trace width/space for outer layer


Tolerance of Etching


Thickness of solder mask

on trace

Thickness of solder mask

at trace corner


Hardness of solder mask

On base material



Finished thickness

Alignment of solder mask film


Min width of solder mask bridge


Max hole with solder plug

Surface treatment

HAL (Lead or Lead free), immersion Gold, Immersion Nickel, Electric Gold finger, plated Gold, OSP, Immersion Silver.carbon oil,etc.

Max Nickel thickness for Gold finger


Max gold thickness for Gold finger


Nickel thickness in Immersion Gold


Gold thickness in Immersion Gold


Impedance control and its tolerance

50±10%,75±10%,100±10% 110±10%

Trace Anti-stripped strength


bow and twist

SPEEDA Technology is an electronic technology company formed by a team with an average of 10+ years of electronic industry experience. As one of the best pcb manufacturers in china, the company is mainly engaged in the design, R&D (research and development), manufacturing, and sales of various printed circuit boards. We provide pth board,pcb board with holesand etc for sale.Our products are widely used in communication equipment, computer and network equipment, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control, new energy, rail transit, and other industries. We provide customers with a "one-stop" service, that is, an integrated service system consisting of printed circuit board design optimization, small-batch sample production, batch production, and after-sale services. Adhere to quality first, service first, to improve customer satisfaction as the goal continuously.

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