Flame Lamination Machine

Introduction:The advent of flame lamination machine is demanded by further-processing requirement of textile. Nowadays the development of cap-making, clothing and tourist industries makes laminated textile more widely used. By using mechanized mass-production, processing of superficial cloth, lining cloth and inner fabric could be synchronized. The machine has already become indispensable and highly efficient equipment used in the above-mentioned industries. Our newly-developed Model PSHF-20A flame lamination machine is of good structure, easy operation and being especially suitable for private enterprise’s use.

The machine uses molten foam to adhere face fabric dispensing with the need for using additional glue. While the flame lamination machine is working, face fabric and foam plastic sliced by rotary cutting machine shall be separately put on roller supporters and both are conveyed to pinching roller simultaneously. At the instant when foam plastic moves across flame-ejecting mouth, part of foam shall be molten by flame, then instantaneously moved to pinching roller and laminated with face fabric and coiled up as the finished product.

Our new Model 20A flame lamination machine adopts seam-shaped crater ejecting continuous, safe and easily-adjustable flame. The crater is serviceable, non-deformable and there is no need for water cooling. The machine employs a powerful air-pump to suck fuel gases, easily adjusting gas-mixing ratio. Unwrapping mechanism is equipped on the machine, which can function as the same imported one. In addition, the unique aligning installation can effectively guarantee the alignment between the edges of sponge and fabric.

Flame Lamination Machine

On the basis of absorbing the technology from Simit Company of West Germany and Italy NP Company, we develop the flame lamination machine with good structure and high production efficiency. We are responsible for installing the equipment, vulnerable parts of which can be supplied all the year round. All the products in our company use homemade components. The price of the whole machine is only one fifth of the similar imported equipment.

Main Technical Parameters:

Working speed

10-40m/mim, infinitely variable60m/mim to the maximum

Width of lamination


Thickness of lamination


Fuels that can be used Propane, butane, natural gas, urban coal gas, and liquefied petroleum gas

Rated power

External dimensions

(Length × Width × Height) 5000×3700×2200mm

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