Gallium Arsenide Lenses

GaAs is semi insulator, which can be used in large power continuous CO2 laser system to replace the zinc sulfide in lens or mirror forms. GaAs is suitable in applications consists of toughness and durability.

In some cases, particles of dust or steel will impact the optical element surface, the hardness and strength of GaAs surface makes it a good choice under such circumstance.

GaAs was originally intended for use in semiconductor applications (rather than optical applications), and therefore, it is extremely important to make careful screening of materials in the manufacture of high quality GaAs optical components.

GaAs optical elements are subject to the restriction of crystal growth technology, the diameter is generally below 10 cm. The materials are hygroscopic and can be safely used in laboratory and field application, its chemical properties are very stable (except contact with strong acids)

Further, Hyperion Optics helps customers by providing stable quality GaAs components to fulfill their infrared application design by custom manufacturing. We would be a good choice if your system consists of GaAs material elements. Hyperion Optics provides both uncoated GaAs substrates as well as coated products.

When handling optics, one should always wear gloves. This is especially true when working with Gallium arsenide components, as it is a hazardous material. For your safety, please follow all proper precautions, including wearing gloves when handling these lenses and thoroughly washing your hands afterward.

If you want to buy gaas lensand gallium mirror, please contact us.

More details of optical design manufacturing, please visit our website.

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