QT-JS01 Wind-blown Sand Sampler

Product description
QT-JS01 wind-blown sand sampler is applied to collect wind-blown sediment flux by wind power.
QT-JS01 Wind-blown Sand Sampler
Standard sand chamber is open vertically.
The opening of sand chamber can be adjusted automatically according to the wind direction.
60 mesh sieves are above the chambers. When the air flows by, the substances in the air can stay in the sample tray. In the sampling efficiency test, we use fine sand with the diameter less than 0.84 mm as the test material. The results show that 90% sand in the air can be collected; sampling efficiency has no correlation with wind speed.
The sampler is suitable for sand collection in the remote field.
Technical parameters:
Standard size of sand chamber opening:2cm*5cm(Other sizes can be customized)
Number of san chamber: 3 sand chambers as standard configuration (more sand chambers are optional, equipped with wind cable).
Sampler height: 1.5m when equipped with 3 sand chambers
Sampler texture: high-quality stainless steel.
Bracket material: high-quality carbon steel with corrosion-resistant surface treatment, customized stainless steel bracket is available.
Others: Weighing sensors are optional. With weighing sensors, the samplers are able to record the weight of collected materials in separate layers, thus confirm the sampling period of the wind speed. Sampling period can be recorded in a data logger, but the data logger needs to buy separately.
Origin: CHINA

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