Paper Tray Making Line

Rotecho's paper tray machineis designed to convert all kinds of paper waste into biodegradable molded fiber tray, which is widely used in agriculture field, medical disposal and industrial packing.

Raw material application:Cardboard, paper mill waste, newspaper, old magazine, school books, carton box etc.

Final product feature:100% recyclable, strong-sides and optimal strength to support weight, dust free, affordable and degradable.

Working Efficiency:50 kg/h-150 kg/h

NOTE:We provide single machine, production line and proposal for retrofitting your existing facilities.


This paper tray forming machineindependently developed and designed by Rotecho, is mainly consist of pulping system, pulp molding system, drying system and packing system, through a series of corresponding procedure to get all kinds of paper trays from waste paper. Our current standard working ability is 500pcs/h to 3000pcs/h, customized solution can be designed on your specific requirements.

  1. Pulping section: Pulping system comprised of pulpier, pump, refiner machine, blender, control cabinet. This process allowed to get a fine pulp from the waste paper.
  2. Moulding section: Rotecho's Paper pulp moulding system adopts vacuum forming technique to absorb the fine pulp on the mould net surface, blow molding process is key to get a qualified paper tray.
  3. Drying section: About 3.5kg to 4 kg moisture will be dehydrated from each kilogram molded pulp product, it means the drying cost depends much on the proportion on the molded products.
  4. Hot pressing and packing section: Packing system have the function of stacking and counting system, which can finish the packing with high efficiency and precision.


Vacuum pump, Slurry pulp, Air compressor, Vacuum tank, Air storage tank, Hot pressing machine etc.


  1. In terms of the raw material cost, the raw material has a wide and cheap resource.
  2. Low energy consumption, the water can be circulating used in the line, there is no by-product in the line.
  3. No complex machinery involved, it means a low maintenance, which will save cost and maintain a stable return for the investor.
  4. This line is versatile to produce different paper pulp trays by changing mould, and the mold replacement is easy to manage;
  5. All the final product is 100% recycled because of their good biodegradability, there is no pollute to our environment.

Rotechois devoted to supplying various recycling solutions ltd. We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together.

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Paper Tray Making Line
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