Hot Sell Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Pipe Cylinder

stainless steel cylinder shape wedge wire pipe

These are manufactured by av or wedge shaped wire around an internal array of longitudinal support rods. The world advanced all-weld thchnology is used with each intersecting pointof these wire fusion weled, which creats the robust construction and excellent mechanical performance. The vor wedge shaped profile wire wraps around the support rods over the full length of the screen creating acontinuous slot opening, hence the screen allows water (oil) to enter your well freely in ample quantities, while at the same time keeps the majority of sand and gravel out of the well. The slots can be changed according to different strata which made from the wires.
Wire mesh screen, also called Johnson screens, water well screen, wedge wire screen, v-shape wire screen.

The use area of the stainless steel cylinder shape wedge wire screens/stainless steel water filter:The strainer is akind of filtered water tubing with the perforation .it can use with the deep well pump, dive the water pump, also may use in the water-treating equipment, the environmental protection, the sea water transforms into the industrial water and life use water desalination treatment, running water treatment, water softening treatment, the petroleum industry: The petroleum product terminal filters and the chemical acid, the alkali liquid filters, the ethyl alcohol and so on the organic solution recycling filters.

Notes: Wires ,rods and slot sizes can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Wire size Wire Width Wire Height Relief Angle Typical Support Rods
30V .030" .06" 10 .125" round
45V .045" .09" 10 .125" round
63V .063" .10" 13 .156" round
70U .070" .17" 7 .075" x1" bar
90V .090" .14" 13 .25" round or .075" bar
125V .125" .18" 13 .38" round

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The introduction of OASIS
Oasis Oil Tools Co., LTD. located in Xinxiang City, Henan. Our main products are Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel/Duplex Stainless Steel Water Well Screens/Wedge Wire Screen/Continuous Slot Screen, Pipe Based Screen/Perforated Pipe with Screen Jacket, Gravel Pre-packed Well Screens, Perforated Pipe, Slooted Pipe, Bridge Slotted Well Screens, Sand Control Well Screens, API/ISO Stainless Steel Well Casing, Industrial Filters, Screen Plate, Passive Water Intake Screens, Water Nozzles as well as related parts. Our products are widely applied in water well, oil well and gas well, sand control, filtering, paper making and chemical industry.
Our products have been exported to Egypt, Russia, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Morocco, UAE, Jordan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Canada, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc.

Packing and Delivery

Standard international package
1. Wood package
2. Plastics package
3. Woods pieces package
transported by sea

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