1000W High-power Pulsed Fiber Laser


High-power pulsed fiber lasers series is the latest product developed by Raycus. It has average output of (200-2000W), high single pulse energy, uniform square or circular spot energy distribution, easy to use and maintain. They are the ideal products for mold surface treatment, automobile manufacture, shipping industry, petrochemical industry and tire manufacture,etc.

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Characteristics Of laser fiber 1000wTechnical characteristics

Uniform Control InterfaceAdjustable Frequency RangeHigh Single Pulse EnergyExcellent Light Beam Quality

Optical Properties

Output power: (W): 400@10kHz/1000@20-50kHzCentral wavelength: (nm): 1064±5Repetition frequency: (kHz): 10-50Output power stability: ±5%

Output characteristics

Polarization state: randomPulse Width Range(ns):90-160Max.Single Pulse Energy(mJ):50@20kHzOutput Fiber Inner Diameter(μm):400Delivery Cable length (m): 15

Electronic control characteristics

Input power (V AC ): 220,50/60Hzpower adjustment range (%): 10-100

Other characteristics

Dimensions (mm ): 698*898*865(handle included)Cooling method: water coolingWorking temperature (℃ ): 10-40

Application Of 1000W High-Power Pulsed Fiber Laser RFL-P1000

Rust Removal

Oil Cleaning

Mold Surface

TreatmentPaint Stripping

Welding Surface


Portrait Stone Surface Treatment

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