TC Seal

TC materials have features of high hardness, strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. It is known as “Industrial Tooth”. Due to its superior performance, it has been widely used in military industry, aerospace, mechanical processing, metallurgy, oil drilling, electronic communication, architecture and other fields. For example, in pumps, compressors and agitators, TC seals are used as mechanical seals. Good abrasion resistance and high hardness make it suitable for the manufacture of wear-resistant parts with high temperature, friction and corrosion.

According to its chemical composition and usage characteristics, TC can be divided into four categories: tungsten cobalt (YG), tungsten-titanium (YT), tungsten titanium tantalum (YW), and titanium carbide (YN).

Tungsten cobalt (YG) hard alloy is composed of WC and Co. It is suitable for processing brittle materials such as cast iron, nonferrous metals and non-metallic materials.

Stellite (YT) is composed of WC, TiC and Co. Due to the addition of TiC to the alloy, its wear resistance is improved, but the bending strength, grinding performance and thermal conductivity have decreased. Because of its brittleness under low temperature , it is only suitable for high-speed cutting general materials and not for the processing of brittle materials.

Tungsten titanium tantalum (niobium) cobalt (YW) is added to the alloy to increase the high temperature hardness, strength and abrasion resistance through appropriate amount of tantalum carbide or niobium carbide. At the same time, the toughness also is improved with better comprehensive cutting performance. It is mainly used for hard cutting materials and intermittent cutting.

The carbonized titanium base class (YN) is a hard alloy with the hard phase of TiC, nickel and molybdenum. Its advantages are high hardness, anti - bonding ability, anti - crescent wear and anti - oxidation ability. At a temperature of more than 1000 degrees, it can still be machined. It is applicable to the continuous-finishing of alloy steel and quenching steel.

Sealcon mainly selects the materials of YN and YG series to provide customers with high quality TC Sealservice.


nickel content(wt%)



bending strength(≥N/mm²)






cobalt content(wt%)



bending strength(≥N/mm²)













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