Vinyl cutter blade or named Vinyl plotter blade is installed to vinyl cutter machine

Cutting materials: instant stickers, car stickers, back adhesive photo papers, transfer films, crystal films, stickers, reflective films, name stickers, big head stickers, etc.; the main engraved materials are soft double-layer organic materials of which most thickness within 0.8mm.

Application scope: advertising production, lightbox production, woven bag printing, reflective film carving, CAD sketch drawing, mobile beauty stickers, car stickers, timely pasting, dust-proof cloth carving, banner production, exhibition plate production, glass sandblasting, etc. Application industry: 1, Making advertising or logos of hospital, school, enterprise, institution, and government on automobile film, protective film, film, tinfoil, and Boeing film, etc. 2, Making traffic signs on the sticker, personalized car stickers and others 3, Diamond reflective film, 3M reflective film, super reflective film, advertising reflective film Economic grade reflective film and other heat transfer pictures and texts, 4, Contour cutting, edge finding, cutting, clothing, raincoat, personalized customized clothing advertising 5, Arch paste, paste banners, interior decoration, wall paste, second-generation color wall paste, personalized wall paste.

Betalent carbide offers plotter blade products

  1. Standard blades of Roland, Mimaki, Graphtec, PCUT, SUMMA, Mutoh, Crafte Robo, Anna.

There are mimaki plotter blade suppliersand products of roland 45 degree blade, mimaki cutter blades, mimaki plotter blades, graphtec cutter blades, pcut blades, summa plotter blades, summa cutter blades, etc..

Xiamen Betalent Carbide Co., Ltd is one of theprofessional carbide tool manufacturers, focusing on designing, producing, and selling cemented carbide materials and tungsten carbide products.Betalent carbide factory has advanced facilities and inspection instruments, offers carbide products to the middle to the high-end market.

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SAW TIP Xiamen Betalent Carbide Co., Ltd is one of theprofessional tungsten carbide manufacturers, focusing on designing, producing, and selling cemented ...
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