Dishwasher Wholesale

JEENOW appliances dishwasher wholesale is designed to help you save energy and time. With simple control panel, the kitchen plate cleaning machine delivers high water temperature, powerful and good quality cleaning.

With its ease of use, flexible installation, and high cleaning performance, JEENOW wholesale dishwashers for sale help users to be free from washing dishes and enjoy more leisure time. The 75-degree high-temperature water flow and 360° full-surround & powerful high-pressure spray on the washing bowl machine ensure the utensils get spotless, sparkly clean, and efficient sterilization; With double drying procedure, JEENOW dish washing machines on sale is antibacterial. With an odor removal function, it can take care of the health of the whole family. Moreover, the triple filter of JEENOW dish wash cleaning machine series can effectively prevent clogging; Our dish wash cleaning machine can wash not only dishes but also wash the category beyond the limit of the kitchen, whether it is maternal and child products, baking tools, or heavy oil tableware. As one of the professional dishwasher manufacturers in China, JEENOW offers a range of dish washing machines on sale and wants to provide our customers with an unconstrained cleaning solution for kitchen supplies.

Wholesale Dishwashers For Sale
Freestanding Dishwasher / Built-in Dishwasher Wholesale
This dish wash cleaning machine holds the largest capacity suitable for big families of up to 7 persons. Easy-lift loading baskets and flexible half loads save water and energy.

Fully Integrated Dishwasher Wholesale
You can choose the installation of this kitchen items washing machine as Freestanding, Built-in or Wall-mounted so as to match a variety of spaces.

Countertop Dishwasher Wholesale
This countertop dish washing machine for sale supports faucet and water tank dual water supply modes, no installation is needed. Great Choice for small-sized houses, apartments, dorms, boats, and RVs.

Single Drawer Dishwasher Wholesale
Drawer automatic plate washing machine compactness can save you time, space and resources. Sliding away easily and conveniently.

Dishwasher Using Tips
Dishwashers work best for the following kitchen utensils: porcelain, stainless steel and glass.
The following materials are prohibited when using dish wash cleaning machine:

Sponges, towels, and other materials that absorb water easily are prohibited when using a kitchen plate cleaning machine; Tableware with soot, wax or analog, paint, etc.; A vessel glued together. Because it is not suitable for the internal operating temperature of the dish washing machines on sale; L Knives or utensils are made of wood. It will tarnish if it is washed in the dishwasher for a long time.

The following kitchen utensils are prohibited when using dish wash cleaning machine:

Carved glass. Reason: easy to become turbid white or damaged.

Silverware, etc. Reason: Easy to turn black.

Aluminum pans or cutlery. Reason: Easy to cause discoloration.

Lacquerware or silverware covered with gold leaf. Reason: easy to cause surface peeling.

Plastic containers with a melting point below 90℃. Reason: Prone to deformation.

A feeding bottle or container with a small mouth. Reason: The container with a small mouth is not easy to clean because of the small water-bearing area. For cleaing feeding bottles, you can use other kitchen items washing machine, such as the JEENOW feeding bottle cleaning machine.

Cutlery with cracks or missing corners. Reason: easy to cause cracking.

Dispose of charred or charred POTS, steamers with glue, cups with lipstick, rice bowls with dry grains, and utensils with heavy cream before loading them into the machine washing dishes.

Dishwasher Care And Maintenance Tips
Dishwasher care and maintenance are of great importance for the serving time of your dishwasher wholesale. So how should one keep JEENOW dish washing machines on sale running at a longer times?

Clean The Filter Regularly
Tips For Maintaining Dishwasher
The filter of the washing bowl machine should be removed and cleaned regularly. Food can become trapped in the filter and affect the cleaning effect of our wholesale dishwashers for sale.

Clean the Door and Spray Arms
Tips For Maintaining Dishwasher
Clean the gap of the door frame regularly for dirt accumulation. Wipe the spray arm with a wet towel. As a professional dishwasher factory, JEENOW recommends removing the spray arm with a toothpick every six months to clear any blockage.

Make it Monthly
Tips For Maintaining Dishwasher
Cleaning the dish plate washing machine once a month helps prevent a build of germs and maintains the efficiency of the machine.

How Does A Dishwasher Work?

When we close that door and the dish washing devicestarts running, how does a dishwasher work inside to clean the kitchen utensils up?

Firstly, water is added to the basin at the bottom of the appliance.

A pre-wash sprays the dishes using the spray arms that rotate inside the appliance.

The internal heater heats the water to the correct temperature for your selected program.

The detergent is released into the kitchen plate cleaning machine by the timer.

The hot water and detergent are sprayed by the rotating arms around the dish cleaning machine, cleaning off dirt and debris.

The dirty water is drained away.

Fresh water is added to rinse the dishes.

The rinse water is drained and the dishes are dried using residual heat inside the appliance.

Jeenow Dish Washing Machines On Sale FAQs


What not to put in dishwashers?


The user should avoid putting wooden cutting boards, wooden utensils (like spoons), and knives with wooden handles in a dish wash cleaning machine. The hot water can cause the wood to warp, affecting its longevity. The user should also not put cast-iron cookware and copper pots and pans. Wrile cast-iron cookware may rust because of too much exposure to water, utensils made of copper may lose their shine.

Do dishwashers really sterilize?


Yes, Jeenow fully integrated dishwasherwholesale has a high-temperature sterilization function, which eliminates germs at high temperatures.

If you want to know more about dishwasher price, please contact us.

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