Ti Tablet

Ti Tablet

General Description of Ti Tablet

Titanium Tabletis used to adjust the content of Ti content in Aluminium Alloy, it is made by metal powder and the rest are pure aluminium or flux in proportion.

High efficiency is above 90%, the flux in the metal additives is favor for refining, purification, has effect of degassing, drossing and no content to make pollution.

Suitable for non-ferrous metal plates, strips, foils, profiles, rods, cables and alloys for the preparation of colored grades.


Content: metal powder+ rest

Metal powder:75%、80%、85%、90%、95%

Rest: A-Sodium free flux, B- flux+aluminium

Usage Instruction of Ti Tablet

Before refining flux application, the metal additives can be put into melting furnace or holding furnace directly. To achieve the high efficiency, should match up the right notice as follows:

The temperature of the aluminium liquid not lower than 740℃ the best application temperature is 750+5℃

It is sink down by itself, so keep the surface clean is very important. to avoid wrapped by the floating slag or the slage which floated on the surface. So it must be put into after drossing.

After skimming the dross, the tablet should be put directly in to the aluminium molten evenly with tablet please do not crush it, keep it stay for 20-30mintures, stir it and let it stay for 7-15 minutes. Sample analysis should be performed.

Dosage of Ti Tablet

Dosage=(Target-initial)*aluminium wt% /(90% * the alloy element content in the metal additives)

Target: element content of target

Initial: Original content of elements in the melt

Wt: The weights of aluminium melt

Specification of Ti Tablet


Percentage of Element



Work Temperature

Ti Tablet

Ti: 75%,80%,85%,90%,95%

Balance: pure aluminium or flux



Fe Tablet

Fe: 75%,80%

Balance: pure aluminium or flux

Grey Brown

Mn Tablet

Mn: 70%,80%

Balance: pure aluminium or flux

Black Grey

Cr Tablet

Cr: 75%,85%

Balance: pure aluminium or flux


Cu Tablet

Cu: 75% - 80% - 85% - 90%

Balance: pure aluminium or flux

Reddish Brown

Advantage of Ti Tablet

It can be put into the normal temperature aluminium metal

High density, easy to sink down

reaction quickly, no oxidation and burn loss

Package of Ti Tablet

500g/tablet.4 tablets wrapped by foil package load in 20kg carton.

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