Carbide wear resistant partsare made of tungsten carbide and cobalt alloy. Tungsten carbide has superior properties, good wear resistance, and high hardness, and is suitable for manufacturing wear partsand mechanical parts with high-temperature resistance, high friction, and corrosion resistance. Carbide wear parts can replace steel wear parts perfectly in most industrial fields.

Cemented carbide can be used to produce small wear resistant castingssuch as ballpoint pen’s tip ball, saw tips, etc., big wear parts such as drawing die, wear parts of stamping machine or rolling mill in the steel industry. The finer the carbide grain size is, the higher hardness, the higher wear resistance, but the higher the processing technology requirements, the lower the impact resistance. Therefore, the user needs to be more cautious in applying the cemented carbide with fine grain size and ultra-fine grain size in the wear parts, which is more and more popular in the high-end field.

Betalent carbide blank for wear parts products series:

The core carbide part for wire drawing dies, with very high wear resistance. To draw different kinds of wire.

Carbide tube drawing dies, usually combined with the floating plug for tube drawing.

Various shapes carbide blank for wear parts.

Sub-micron grain size carbide is applied to the saw tip to enable the very sharp edge and the high wear resistance of the saw tip.


Wire Drawing Die Blank

Tube Drawing Die Blank

Carbide Blank

Carbide Nozzle

Carbide Roller

Tungsten Carbide Seal Rings

Saw TipSaw Tip

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