PEEK Non-standard Parts

PEEKprecision machiningmaterial is a new type of semi-crystalline aromatic plastic engineering plastics, with extremely good physical and mechanical properties, in many special areas can replace metals, ceramics and other traditional materials, in reducing the quality, improving the performance of outstanding contribution to become one of today's most popular high-performance engineering plastics. PEEK material's high-temperature thermal performance is very outstanding, can be used for a long time at 260 ℃, instantaneous use Temperature of up to 300 ℃; its rigidity, dimensional stability, the coefficient of linear expansion is small, close to the metal aluminum materials.

What are The Advantages of China PEEKCNCMachining?

◆ High-temperature resistance

The United States UL certification long-term use temperature of 260 ℃.

◆ Self-lubricating

With a low coefficient of friction, it can work without oil lubrication and can work in oil, water, weak acid and alkali medium for a long time.

◆ High strength

It has the best mechanical strength among plastics. It also has high rigidity and surface hardness.

◆ Corrosion resistance

It is insoluble in common solvents and has good corrosion resistance to various organic and inorganic chemical reagents.

◆ Abrasion resistance

It has excellent wear resistance in many extremely harsh environments such as high temperatures, high load and strong corrosion.

◆ Hydrolysis resistance

◆ Easy processing

Parts can be processed directly by an injection molding process. Post-processing such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping and ultrasonic welding can be performed.

◆ Flame retardant

◆ Low smoke and non-toxic

◆ Radiation resistance

It has excellent resistance to high dose γ-ray radiation, and the mechanical properties can be retained intact, so it can be used as radiation-resistant parts in nuclear equipment.

Electrical performance

◆ Dimensional stability

Features of PEEK Non-standard Parts

As one of peek cnc machining factories, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

We are a professional precision machining companyfocusing on OEM & ODM customized services. Specializing in precision quality machining, non-standard spare part processing, metal stamping and metal prototyping.

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