Mill Hose

Mill discharge hoseis rubber lined and jacketed hose, which is economical and easy to handle.The jacket shall be evenly and firmly woven and free from visible defects, thread knots, lumps and irregularities of twist. The warp will consist of high strength staple(spun)polyester yarns. The weft will be high strength ,low elongation filament polyester.

Single Jacket Mill Hose

Color of jacket:white,yellow, red,blue and so on.Colored lines:upon client's requirements.Color of rubber lining:white, black, red, blueLength:1-30MTemperature Range:-25°F(-32℃)to +185F(+85℃)

Single jacket mill hose is made of 100% polyester single jacket and smooth rubber tube. The hose is very flexible and resists high pressure. It has good resistance in rolling and age.Features:Heavy – duty synthetic cover for abrasion resistance and abuse.Higher working pressures.Application:For water discharge service in rental yards,fleet service,municipal washdown, utility dewatering.

Double Jacket Mill Hose

Applications:Pump water discharge · Construction pumps.Wash down service on ships and in factories ·Plant clean-upConstruction:double jacket with all synthetic yarn.Water and mildew-resistant cover,will not rot,even if the hose is stored wet.

Features&BenefitsDouble Jacket version – Provides greater abrasion resistance.Wide range of operating temperatures – Hose may be used in temperature from -25°F(-31℃)to 185°F(+85℃)without stiffening.Packaging/storage – Individually packed in cartons for ease of handling and shipping.Hose coils easily for storage.

Our company is one of the most professional industrial hose manufacturersin China. And we are devoted to produce high quality hose and fittings.

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