Thermal conductivity 6.0W/mK

Low thermal impedance

Good electrical insualtion



Automotive electronics

Digital disk drives

5G Telecommunications

Industrial and medical equipment

GLPOLY XK-P60 is a conformable, low hardness thermal gap pad with a high thermal conductivity of 6.0W/mK.This materialhas soft tacky on both sides for ease of assembly, it is suitable for highpowered electronicapplications whererequires low assembly stress. The conformable nature allows forinterface contacteven to rough topography.


GLPOLY is committed to delivering performance thermal interface materials and intelligence thermal management solutions, helping you solve thermal management challenges with time-tested thermodynamic knowledge and superior service.

GLPOLYhigh performance, conformable thermal gap pad XK-P60has been appliedin 5G telecom devices in volume production, and recognized by customers such as DT Mobile,Quectel Wireless, tekmodulwith the advantages:

1. High thermal conductivity 6.0W/mK;

2. Conformable to component topography;

3. Wetting out surface, improving thermal contact;

4. Deflects in low pressure, decreasing stress on component;

5. Proven reliabililty in aging test in 5G telecom devices;

GLPOLY 6.0W/mK thermal gap pad is highly conformable, and deflects under low compressive force, designed for high-powered 5G telecom modules and electronic devices, applying to base processing units, optical transceivers, routers, remote radio units, active antenna units and more.

1. The first one to adopt nano-scale grinding machine to process raw material;

2. Improves raw material quality from its source, it’s hard to achieve for rivals;

3. Mixed by automatic preparation and distribution system for measurement accuracy of 3‰, rivals can not achieve it;

4. Automatic production process eliminates human error, and most rivals in China adopt manual mixing;

5. Developed simulation design and test software, improving development cycle;

6. Formulates one-to-one dispense program and delivers assembly pressure simulation;

7. More than 30 items can be tested in-house, and third party verified;

8. Accelerated high temperature aging test approved by Institute of High Energy Physics;

9. Military grade quality control, no quality complaint events for 13 consecutive years;

10. GLPOLY is the designated supplier of Huawei, DJI, NIO Motor and more.


GLPOLY thermal gap pad was applied to 5G telecom modules, solving the thermal management challenges, overtaking world-class brands.

Earlier 2020, a customer from Germany, contacted me and consulted me about thermal gap pad with 5.5W/mK thermal conductivity or above for 5G router. Through communication, I knew that he had tested several products from different suppliers, but no one met his design requirements.

High conformability, compression rate and low thermal impedance were required. After further discussing, I recommended XK-P60 thermal gap pad, and showed him in-house test report we made for other customers. He was satisfied with the performances, but he wanted to verify performance and reliability of thermal gap pad in package.

I was confident that XK-P60 thermal gap pad suited customer’s demand, and wished to provide samples. Customer received samples in 7 days, he said this was the fastest response he had met, he was really impressed.

Three months later, I received this customer’s , he told me that performance and reliability of XK-P60 thermal gap pad were excellent, superceding other competitive products. Now XK-P60 has been applying to this 5G router project in volume production.

GLPOLY thermal gap pad XK-P60 is a high performance, electrical isolating gap filling material with 6.0W/mK thermal conductivity. It is highly conformable to component topography, improving thermal contact. Automated production lines eliminate human error and keep the consistency of products.

GLPOLY has collaborated leading enterprises like dJI, GAC New Energy, NIO Motor, DT Mobile, TINNO Mobile, telmodul, providing them with performance thermal interface materials, technological solutions and superior service.

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