ZCQF Series Self-priming Magnetic Pump

Product name:ZCQF typefluorine plastic self priming magnetic pumpProduct classification: self priming pumpFirst. Product overview:ZCQF type self-priming magnetic driving pump (magnetic self-priming pump for short) is a new product which applies the working principle of permanent magnetic coupling to the centrifugal pump,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, with reasonable design and advanced technology. It has the advantages of full seal, no leakage and corrosion resistance. The performance has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products.Second. Product features: 1. Magnetic self-priming pump substitutes the dynamic seal for static seal, making the flow components in a completely sealed state and completely solving the inevitable disadvantages of running, emitting, dripping and leaking that the mechanical seal of other pumps can not avoided. It adopts the corrosion resistance and high strength materials, such as reinforced polypropylene, four fluorine alloy, silicon nitride, graphite, carbon steel, steel ceramic as manufacturing materials. It adopts stainless steel connection frame, solving the problem that customers must often replace the connection frame for air corrosion frequently.2. With the function of CQF magnetic driving pump and self-priming performance, the pump does not need bottom valve and water diversion. It owns good self-priming performance.with short working time and high efficiency, and can operate in the case of no liquid and no load. The self-priming height is 4 meters, so it has good performance of corrosion resistance, and can keep the medium from pollution.Third. Product use: With compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, low noise, reliable running, convenient operation and maintenance, the magnetic pump can be widely used in chemical industry, pharmacy, petroleum, electroplating, food, film photography, scientific research institutions, the defense industry and other units to pump acid, alkali, oil and precious liquid, venom, volatile liquid, and be used as supporting facilities of circulating water and filter, especially for pumping liquids, easy to leak, inflammable and explosive.Working principle: This pump adopts the axial mixing backwater structure, which is made of absorbing chamber, liquid storage chamber, volute, reflux hole, gas-liquid separation chamber and other parts. After booting the pump, under the action of centrifugal force, the remaining liquid in the suction chamber and the air in the liquid line are stirred into air-water mixture by impeller. The mixture stir enters the gas-liquid separation chamber through the volute, and then the slower pace causes the separation between gas and water. Air is discharged from the liquid outlet, and returns to the pump through backwater hole. After many cycles, the air in the liquid pipe becomes empty, making the certain vacuum in the pump to achieve the effect of imbibition.ZCQF type fluorine plastic self priming magnetic pump (installation size)First, the appearance and installation sime of ZCQF type PTFE self-priming magnetic pump:Second, the appearance and installation size of ZCQF type PTFE self-priming magnetic pump:ZCQF type fluorine plastic self priming magnetic pump (product parameters)


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