LMP laser raindrop spectrometer

LMP laser raindrop spectrometer can be used to measure rainfall and snowfall. Not only the monitoring of rainfall and snowfall process but also the characteristics of rainfall and snowfall can be analyzed in detail. It can monitor and distinguish the falling drizzle, heavy rain, hail, snowflakes, snowballs and various precipitations between snowflakes and hail. It can calculate the intensity, total amount, and visibility of various rainfall types. All data are transmitted by RS485 protocol, and then transferred to other devices through a protocol converter.

LMP laser raindrop spectrometer is widely used in traffic control, meteorological monitoring and service, scientific research, airport observation, highway meteorological monitoring, hydrogeography, meteorological radar data correction and other application fields.
The LMP laser raindrop spectrometer requires little maintenance, and its optical accessories have excellent performance and can work in various harsh environments. The laser transmitter can ensure long-term normal use. The special process design excludes the influence of external light sources on the measurement, and through careful design in many aspects, the errors caused by the temperature and dust of the environment to the measurement are reliably compensated. The system has additional interfaces, and can also connect wind speed sensors, wind direction sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, etc. All data can be output together through the data interface of the laser raindrop spectrometer.
Measuring principle:
The laser principle is used to measure high-speed moving objects. The total amount, size, intensity, and speed of moving objects can be determined. Its superior performance is especially manifested in the measurement of small objects, the minimum diameter of the measured object reaches 0.16mm.

Technical Parameters
LMP laser raindrop spectrometer
Technical Parameters
Main output data
Rainfall, rainfall speed, rainfall particle size, rainfall intensity, rainfall level (synop/r), radar correction (z/r ratio), visibility (mor)
Optional output data
Wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity (sensor must be ordered separately)
Principle of operation
785nm laser, maximum 0.5mw, laser class 1m
Measuring area
46 cm2 (23 x 2.0 cm)
Operating environment
-40~+70 degrees; 0~100% relative humidity
Protection level
powered by
24 v ac/dc /750 ma, or 230 vac (optional 12vdc)
Outer box
Made of stainless steel, 270x 170x 540 mm
4.8 kg
Data output
RS485 dual output 1200~115200 baud rate, full duplex/half duplex
Particle velocity range
0.2 ~20 m/s
Particle level
440 kinds (22 kinds of diameter x 20 kinds of speed)
Grade distinction
> 97%
Minimum intensity
0.005 mm/h drizzle
Maximum intensity
250 mm/h
Visibility in the rain
0 ~99999m
Radar reflectivity
-9.9 ~99.9dbz

made in China

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