EQ15 balanced soil water potential sensor

Uses: Equilibrium Tensiometer is a new revolutionary soil water potential measuring instrument with multiple patent protections. Water potential is the energy required to extract a unit of water from the soil under isothermal conditions. The unit is bar (1 bar = 100 kPa). In soil, water potential is the main factor that determines the direction and speed of water flow. It is the only sign of judging the effectiveness of soil moisture on plants. The water potential of different soils can be directly compared with each other. Accurate determination of water potential is of great significance in studying the flow of soil water, drought resistance physiology of plants, automatic control of water-saving irrigation, and monitoring of soil moisture.

Principle: EQ15 balanced tensiometer consists of two parts: balance sensor and water content measuring instrument. The balance sensor consists of a special material with two characteristics: a very stable relationship between water content and water potential, and high water permeability. Good water permeability ensures that its water potential changes simultaneously with the measured soil. The water content measuring device measures the water content in the balance sensor at any time. Since the relationship between the water content and the water potential is known, the measured water content is the soil water potential. The water content measuring device is fixed in the balance sensor, and the environmental quantity around the probe is stable, thus avoiding the effects of soil density, stones, and roots, which are common when measuring water content, to ensure the accuracy of water potential measurement.

Comparison with traditional soil water potential measuring instruments: The instruments and methods for measuring water potential that are currently available on the market have different defects in terms of accuracy, measurement range, and stability, and cannot fully meet the requirements for field use. The traditional tensiometer has a small measuring range (0 ~ -0.8bar), can only be used in wet soil, and is easily damaged; the wet and dry bulb hygrometer is greatly affected by temperature changes, and its accuracy is low, which is not suitable for outdoor use; the gypsum block has low accuracy and stability The sex is low, and it is greatly affected by the soil pH.

The balanced soil water potential tension meter has irreplaceable advantages:
·The measurement range is large, including the entire range of plant survival;
·High precision, the error is less than 5kPa;
·Simple to use, without any maintenance and repair measures, fully suitable for long-term outdoor use;
·The measurement accuracy is not affected by the physical and chemical properties of the soil (except alkaline soil);
·Multi-probe connection can be done with data acquisition

Technical Parameters:

Measuring range

0~1500kPa (0~15bar)

measurement accuracy

±10kPa (0~100 kPa), reading 10% (-100~-1500 kPa)

proper temperature

Working temperature 0~40°C, storage temperature -30~70°C, can be left in frozen soil

Applicable soil

Non-saline soil (conductivity of soil solution <1mS/cm)

power supply

5~15V DC, the maximum consumption of each measurement is 23 mA × 5 seconds


Analog output 100~800mV


17cm×4cm×2cm, of which 7.5 cm at the front must be inserted into the soil


350g (without cable)


5 meters in length, can be extended to 100 meters


Stainless steel housing, fully sealed

Origin: Germany

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