CS655-L soil moisture sensor

CS655 is a multi-parameter smart sensor that uses innovative technology to monitor soil volumetric water content, conductivity, and temperature. Output SDI-12 signal, compatible with various data collectors. The probe is shorter than the CS650 and is used in contaminated soil.
Large sample size reduces errors;
Automatic correction of measurement data (when the soil texture and conductivity change);
Suitable for a variety of mineral soils;
Multi-function probe-can measure dielectric constant, conductivity (EC), and soil temperature.

CS655-L soil moisture sensor

Technical principle:
CS655 consists of two 12-cm long stainless steel probes, printed circuit board, and shielded cable. The circuit board is sealed in epoxy resin, and the shielded cable is used to connect the circuit board and the data collector. The CS655 directly measures the conduction time, signal attenuation and temperature; the dielectric constant, volumetric water content and conductivity are derived from these original values. The measured signal attenuation is used to correct the loss effect in reflection detection, thereby obtaining accurate conduction time. This loss effect correction can make the water content measurement reach EC ≤ 8 dS m-1 without special soil calibration.
The conductivity of the soil is also calculated from the attenuation measurement. The thermistor and the probe are in thermal contact with the epoxy resin surface to measure the temperature. As with measuring water content, horizontally mounted probes provide accurate soil temperature measurement at the same depth. Temperature measurements in other directions are passed into the epoxy resin through probes in the area.

Technical Parameters:
Sensing volume: 3600 cm3 (0 to 7.5 cm radius area around the probe and 4.5 cm range below the probe tip);
Electromagnetic type: meets CE standards, EN61326 requirements, anti-static discharge protection;
Working temperature: -10° to +70°C;
Probe length: 120mm (4.7 in.)
Probe diameter: 3.2 mm (0.13 in.)
Probe spacing: 32 mm (1.3 in.)
Probe size (H*W*D): 85 mm (3.3 in.)* 63 mm (2.5 in.)* 18 mm (0.7 in.)
Sensor weight: 240 g (8.5 oz.) (without cable);
Cable weight: 35g/m (0.38 oz. per ft);
Sensor output: SDI-12; serial RS-232;
Warm-up time: 3s;
Measurement time: 3 ms measurement, 600 ms to complete the execution command;
Power supply: 6 to 18 VDC, must meet 45 mA @ 12 Vdc;

Power loss:
Dynamic (3 ms): 45 mA typical @ 12 Vdc
(80 mA @ 6 Vdc, 35 mA @ 18 Vdc)
Static: Standard 135 µA @ 12 Vdc

Measuring range: (0 to 8) dS/m
Accuracy: ±(5% reading + 0.05dS/m);
Accuracy: 0.5% of BEC;

Relative permittivity:
Range: 1 to 81;
Accuracy: (1 to 40): ±(3% of reading + 0.8) solution conductivity ±8 dS/m)
(40 to 81 ): ±2 solution conductivity ±2.8 dS/m
Accuracy: <0.02;

Volumetric water content (Topp equation m3/m3):
Range: 5% to 50%;
Accuracy: ±3% VWC (standard mineral soil), solution conductivity ±10 dS/m;
Accuracy: <0.05%

Soil temperature:
Range: -10° to + 70°C;
Accuracy: ±0.5°C (buried in soil);
Accuracy: ±0.02°C

Origin: United States

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