Rugged Water Level Tape Measure & Water Level Gauge

Introduction: Superior tape measure construction improves accuracy and durability. Choose high-strength steel tape measure with polyethylene sheath, or high-strength steel tape measure with anti-hydrocarbon-polyvinylidene fluoride coating, or Kellaf-reinforced polyethylene tape measure. Durable and easy to clean. It is your ideal choice for measuring groundwater level, oil, aquatic product interface, depth, temperature and conductivity.

Application range:
Water level measurement
Pumping test and micro water test
Low flow groundwater sampling
Drainage applications

Probe: Submersible stainless steel and Teflon-coated probe
Reel: Sturdy nylon or aluminum reel (retractable tape measure length greater than 150m or 400ft) is installed on a strong polyurethane-coated steel frame. The reel flange and hub are molded from high-strength nylon to smoothly run the tape measure.
Signal: The tape measure hits the water surface with a bright LED and a loud buzzer as a signal, allowing accurate water level measurement to millimeters or 0.01 feet, and the water acts as a switch.
Electronic module: The user-removable electronic module is easy to clean and protects the circuit from dust and moisture. The electronic circuit converts the DC battery current to AC current to prevent probe corrosion and mineral accumulation.
Sensitivity dial: filter the error signal output due to falling water.

Rugged 100 water level tape measure:
This economical tape measure provides durability and accuracy for drillers, pump installers and other service users.
Kevlar reinforced polyethylene tape measure with stainless steel conductors breaks at loads exceeding 45kg (100 lbs)
The scale of the white tape measure is m (mm) or ft (0.01ft)

Rugged 200 water level tape measure:
The extended warranty cost provides a long-term reliable service life for the Rugged 200 water level tape measure and Rugged 200 Mini water level tape measure. These engineering grade water level tapes comply with ASME standards. These tape measures can be used to measure the water level in wells, boreholes, direct thrust equipment, and vertical pipes.
High-strength steel tape with stainless steel wire can resist stretching, breaking load exceeds 127kg (280 lbs)
The easy-to-read yellow tape measure has clear polyethylene and is marked with an engineering scale.
The flexible tape measure winds smoothly on the reel without sticking to the wet surface and well casing.

Rugged oil/water interface instrument:
In a hazardous and explosive working environment, use a certified intrinsically safe Rugged interface instrument or Rugged Mini interface instrument. Ideal for remediation sites, refineries, and landfills, these instruments can accurately measure hydrocarbon product layers (LNAPL) and subsidence layers that are at least 1 mm (1/200 ft) thick floating on the groundwater surface.
Meters: full-size and backpack-size meters are available. The economical Rugged Mini interface is ideal for shallow wells or high groundwater levels.
Probe: The field replaceable probe includes a lens and an infrared light emitter. A stainless steel shield protects the lens. The infrared light emitter emits a beam of light through the lens to the detector. The detector can distinguish between conductive liquid (water) and non-conductive liquid (product). Constant tone and light indicate oil. Intermittent tones and flashes indicate water.
Tape measure: ASME certified tape measure is made of high-strength steel and a yellow tape measure with a clear Kynar layer. Kynar can protect the water level gauge from hydrocarbons, solvents and other harmful pollutants. The meter scale is m (mm) or ft (0.01ft).
Intrinsic safety: The ground wire ensures the safety of the hazardous site. Certified UL and CSA standards. Class 9098-01 hazardous locations. Class 9098-81 (U.S.A.) hazardous locations. Class I groups A, B, C, and D.
Electronics: In order to prolong the battery life, the instrument will be turned off after five minutes of inactivity.

Rugged conductivity/water level/temperature gauge:
Accurately measure conductivity, water level, and temperature in wells, boreholes, and open water bodies. Use this meter to briefly describe conductivity and temperature.
Probe: To measure conductivity, the probe uses a four-electrode system, including two sets of coaxial single electrodes. Each group of electrodes reverses polarity 2,000 times/second. This system can reduce electrode corrosion and ensure repeatability of readings. The water level is detected when the probe goes from a non-conductive medium (air) to a conductive medium (water conductivity level greater than 10 µS/cm). The temperature range of the Delrin probe is 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F).
Tape Measure: The ASME certified tape measure is made of high-strength steel and has a yellow, easy-to-read tape measure with a medium-density polyethylene jacket to ensure a long life. The scale is m (mm) or ft (0.01ft). The tape measure is directly sealed in the probe (sacrificial safety connection is not available in this instrument).
Electronics: The electronic module includes an LCD screen showing conductivity values ​​up to 80,000 µS/cm, and temperatures from 20 to 85° C
(-4 to 185° F). The module includes a bright red LED and a buzzer. In order to extend the battery life, the instrument will turn off after five minutes of inactivity.

Origin: United States

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