CS475/CS477 radar water level sensor

The CS47X series is Campbell's latest pulsed radar water level sensor. It emits short microwave pulses to the target and measures the return time of the pulses to calculate the water level. It can be widely used in rivers, lakes, ocean tides and reservoirs. Water level monitoring. This series of products is divided into three specific models according to different ranges and accuracy. The maximum range of the CS475 is 20m with an accuracy of ±5mm; the maximum range of the CS475A is 35m with an accuracy of ±2mm; the maximum range of the CS477 reaches 70m with an accuracy of 15mm. The radar-type water level sensor uses a standard digital SDI-12 output interface, and can be connected to various data collection and recording equipment, including Campbell's CR series data collectors, and has good compatibility.
You can also choose the 25619 level adjuster for the radar water level sensor according to the actual needs to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data. The 25616 debugging/display module can help you easily complete the fault diagnosis test of the sensor and modify the setting work.

l Applicable to highly corrosive and highly polluted environments
l Low maintenance-no removable parts, effectively reducing maintenance time and cost
l Compatible with various data collectors of Campbell
l No need to recalibrate
l Low energy consumption
l Wide operating temperature range (-40℃~+80℃), with good environmental adaptability

technical parameter
CS47X radar water level
technical parameter
50mm~20m (CS475)
50mm~35m (CS475A)
400mm~70m (CS477)
±5mm (CS475)
±2mm (CS475A)
±15mm (CS477)
Radar unit
Pulse volume
Beam angle
10° (CS475, CS475A), 8° (CS477)
powered by
Surge protection
Energy consumption (at 12V)
4.7mA (sleep mode), 14mA (working mode)
Operating temperature
shell material
Aluminum, stainless steel
Flare length
137mm (CS475), 430mm (CS477)
Origin: United States

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