CS120 visibility sensor

The CS120 visibility sensor uses tried and tested infrared forward scattering technology and a 42° scattering angle to predict the meteorological (fog and snow) observation range (MOR) from 10 to 30,000 m. With high-end specifications and competitive prices, it is ideal for independent applications or for use with automatic weather stations in road, maritime, airport and wind energy environments.

The sensor has superior performance and reasonable price;
Combined with automatic dew point and hood heater to support all-weather observation;
Simple on-site calibration (with optional calibration kit);
Low power consumption (suitable for field applications);
Automatic working status check (such as malfunction or window contamination);
The sensor design minimizes airflow interference.

Technical principle:
Compared with other sensors with the same function, the CS120 design allows visibility to be measured in a relatively clean space. Based on the position of its measuring head and main body, the interference from the airflow is minimized.
The CS120 can continue high-speed sampling, which can improve the measurement accuracy in complex weather such as rain and hail. At the same time, it provides reliable readings in more stable climate conditions such as foggy days. The characteristics of high-speed sampling can also make the sensor better. React to sudden climatic conditions.
The CS120 has a variety of designs to keep the optics clean. The downward orientation can minimize the accumulation of dirt and snow. Low-power heaters are used to prevent condensation, and high-power heaters are used to prevent icing. The power consumption of the sensor is small, and the use of the dew point heater under normal conditions requires only 3W, which can reduce energy consumption more when the sampling frequency is reduced and the heater is manually controlled.

Maximum forecast visibility: 32 km (~20 miles);
Accuracy: 0 to 10,000 m: ±10%
10,000 to 20,000 m: ±20%
Working temperature: -25° to +60°C;
Environmental humidity: 0 to 100%;
Wind speed: up to 60 m/s;
Protection level: IP66;
Mechanical parameters:
Weight: ~3 kg (depending on the installation system);
H*W*D: 447 mm*640 mm* 246 mm;
Installation: Stainless steel V-bolt, mounting rod, 32 to 52.5 mm (1.25 to 2 in.) external diameter
power supply:
Power supply voltage: 8 to 30 Vdc;
Cover heater power supply voltage: 24 Vdc or Vac;
Hood heater power consumption: 2 x 30 W, total 60 W;
Condensation heater power consumption: 2 x 0.6 W, total 1.4 W;
Total unit power consumption: <3 W (when continuous sampling, including condensation heater)
Serial interface: RS-232 or RS-485;
Data transmission rate: 1200 to 115,200 bps (38,400 bps system default rate);
Alarm output: 2 x 0 to 5 V output, 32 mA (maximum).
Emitted optical frequency: 850 nm;
Lens anti-fouling system: Simultaneously monitor the pollution and clogging of the sensor and lens, with an interval of 1S; calibrate according to the contamination of the window from low to moderate.
Stable light source control: ensure stable operation through changes in temperature and sensor aging, correction interval 1s;
Remarks: 1: The low-voltage shutdown system can prevent the backup battery from being damaged;
2: By reducing the sampling frequency and non-remote control heater can reduce energy consumption.

Origin: United States

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