RDO PRO optical dissolved oxygen sensor

The In-Situ RDO PRO sensor uses breakthrough technology to measure the content of dissolved oxygen (DO) in harsh environments. RDO PRO sensors can be easily integrated into a variety of aquaculture management systems. Through continuous monitoring and control of DO levels, farmers can increase the feed conversion ratio, minimize fish hypoxia, and reduce fish disease and mortality.
RDO PRO sensor technology
The RDO PRO sensor uses the principle of "dynamic lighting quenching" to measure dissolved oxygen. This low-maintenance sensor uses life-cycle optical technology to provide very stable and accurate results.
When the dose sheet of this oxygen characteristic is irradiated with blue light, the dose sheet immersed in the metal foil that can penetrate the gas sensor emits red photons. RDO can measure the phase (delay) of the reflected signal and compare it with the transmitted signal. The presence of oxygen in the dosage tablet can extinguish the fluorescence, shift the phase of the reflected signal, and the reflected signal is detected by the photodiode. By measuring the phase difference between the blue emitted light and the red reflected light, it can be used to quantify the DO.
RDO PRO optical dissolved oxygen sensor

Minimal risk:
Report real-time conditions-respond quickly to changes in oxygen content and temperature
Provide accurate results-keep the system stable for a long time, not easy for 12 months
Can withstand harsh conditions-the wear-resistant metal foil can withstand the blockage and damage from the turbulent water flow. The inert structure makes it not subject to corrosion in high-salt environments.
Maximum efficiency:
Reduced calibration work-the sensor can maintain its calibration value during long-term use. The calibration coefficient of the sensor cap is set in advance, which can eliminate the setting error.
The minimum maintenance one eliminates the replacement of the diaphragm and electrolyte, making it less affected by common disturbances that reduce the performance of the diaphragm sensor.
save money:
Reduce energy waste-the sensor uses minimal power. Make the ventilation device or pump run more efficiently.
Reduce labor costs-Compared with traditional current or polarographic sensors, RDO PRO sensors require little calibration and maintenance.
Simplified integration-direct integration with SCADA and PLC systems. Including integrated Modbus/RS485, 4-20 mA and SDI-12 signal output. Requires DC 8-36 V power supply.
Eliminate expensive equipment costs-external transmitters and controllers are no longer required.
Application range:
Hatchery operations
Freshwater pond farming
Outdoor captive industry
Recirculation system
Marine Pond Farming
Technical specifications:
sensor type
Light Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
Range (DO)
0-50 mg/L
Accuracy (DO)
± 0.1 mg/L, 0-8mg/L
± 0.2 mg/L, 8-20 mg/L
± 10% of reading, 20-50 mg/L
Resolution, (DO)
0.01 mg/L
Response time, block
When the temperature is 25 ℃, T90 <45 seconds. T95<60 seconds
Range, temperature
0-50°C (32-122°F)
Accuracy, temperature
Typical value ± 0.01℃
Resolution, temperature
Salinity compensation value
Fixed or can be live
Atmospheric pressure compensation value
Fixed or can be live
Labeling method 4500-0;
In-Situ method , 1003-8-200,
Environmental rating
0-50℃ 150 psi; 300 psi at 25℃
689 ft (210m) at 25°C
Operating temperature
Sensor: 0-50°C (32-122°F)
Storage temperature
Cap: 1-60°C (33-144°F),
In the manufacturer's container; sensor: 5-60°C (23-140°F)
Standards compliant
Harsh industrial environment, IEC61000-6-2; 2005
IP rating
IP-67 without cap; IP-68 with cap
Chemical grade
Alcohol>5%; hydrogen peroxide>3%;
Sodium hypochlorite (commercial bleach) >3%; gaseous sulfur dioxide; gaseous chlorine
General level
Cap life
2 years typical use
Public output
Modbus (RS485), 4-20 mA, SDI-12
Power consumption
Maximum: 50mA at 12 V DC
cable length
4000ft (Modbus and 4~20 mA) or 200ft (SDI-12)
Standard mounting thread
Origin: United States

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