faraday cage of HV transformer PD test

faraday cage of HV transformer PD test


HV test shielding room  (faraday cage) are Widely used in power cable, transformer, transformer switch, transformer substation and other High voltage levels of partial discharge test or impulse test.


Technical parameters:  

Ø Faladay cage Size:17.5m×7.5m× 6m(height)

Ø Control room :3m×2m×3m

Ø Motor driven airtight swing door :2.5×2.5(H)m ,upper transmission

Ø Shielding and grounding of Faraday Cage: it is a 6 surface shielding body,overall electrical connection among these 6 surface,multipoint grounding of main body.

Ø Efficiency after electromagnetic shielding  (to meet requests for PD testing )

  1. ≥60dB;

Ø Background noise:< 5PC

Ø Grounding resistance of grounding electrode:< 0. 5Ω (by B&D ready )

Ø There are 6 air-vents on top of roof.

Ø There is a switch box in cage but at one meter above ground.

Ø There are 9 lighting on roof,its illumination will be morn than  250lks at one meter above ground.

Ø Power supply into Faraday cage will be equipped filter.

Ø About ground connection wire :indoor ground copper bar

Ø Surface of Main body will be galvanized sheet and electrostatic

Ø spraying on surface.its craft and material meets China national standard.

Ø To meet the requirements of design and maintain,steel sheet split mounting type structure will be adopted.

Structure introduction

  1.  Main body
  • Main body will be installed on the ground of workshop. There is a small gradient at doorsill with convenient test object come in and out.
  • Shielding shell are stamping 1.5mm reliable galvanized steel sheets.well-regulated installing holes are arranged on contact surface.
  • Conductive article linings with spring and Galvanic corrosion resistance will be put between touching surface of steel sheets.
  • Fastener are M8 galvanize screws.
  • 40 mm spun glass sound-absorbing cotton will be put between shielding sheet and indoor adornment layer to reduce noise resound.
  • External surface of main body are structural steel keel,the roof are reinforced truss bridge to enhance rigidity and antiknock.
  1.  Masking Door
  • It is a motor driven airtight swing door with upper transmission
  • Its controlling is PLC controlling, voltage is 24V.energy conservation ,safe and reliable grounding.
  • Infrared ray brake device will be set on both sides.
  • Electrical lock will be installed on masking door. while testing will be making,if someone going, the system will stop running.
  1.  Ventilating

     There are 6 Ventilation waveguide window on top of roof. Size are 300×300×50mm.

  1.  Filter and power supply
  • Power supply should be filtering . a LV high frequency filter will used to wipe out electromagnetic noise.
  • Plug seat will be on surface of wall. All cables will go through by galvanized steel pipe.
  • Control room will locate in Faraday cage, size is 3×2×3(H)m.structural steel frame construction.
  • There is  a rectangle observation window on the wall of control room. Terrain clearance is 800mm.
  • Window material is 5㎜+5㎜ toughened glass.shielding copper net will be between two layers of glass.
  • Copper net will be welded on window frame.
  • Window frame and copper net with a reliable ground connection.
  • There are 2 sets of stainless steel grille lamp in control room.
  • Sever Plug seats will be set on the wall of control room.
  • One set of air condition n control room.(completed by B&D ).   
  • The wall of control room will be Double faced aluminum plastic board,the floor are all-steel anti-static raised floor.

4 . Grounding

  • Ground resistance of grounded screen should less than 0. 5Ω , it will be ready by B&D.
  • 2 ground connection copper plates should be put as grounding electrode of testing device.

Top lighting lamp locate on the roof.nine of  250W metal halogen lamp. (3 group).

  • Roof: Micropore-aluminium alloy sheet.combustibility is class A.lining are sound absorption inflaming retarding paper.feature: no dust,no dust absorption and easy dismounting.
  • Wall:wall surface are 0.6mm aluminium zinc plate (Punching Abatvoix) ,Plastic-sprayed surface.
  • Floor: placing concrete,epoxy terrace. Thickness should more than 3mm. (floor will be completed by B&D).

Due to increased environmental electromagnetic pollution, sensitive and accurate measurements are often affected by RF noise. The application of CNME Intermational Shielding Room provide the highest possible shielding attenuation, creating a controlled electromagnetic environment to perform high sensitive testing without distortion. If you are interested in our Faraday Cage, you can call us now.

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