Sand Washer

1.Large in capacity and production cost is low
Single highest yield can reach 180 tons /h, basically satisfied the demand of customers washing sand. Less investment in machine, low power, low consumption, effectively save production cost.
Multiple functions and high washing degrees
This equipment has three functions about clean, dehydration, grade. On the line, the sand mutual lapping by impeller, to remove impurities that covered sand surface, and at the same time, destruction of coated sand layer, and water vapor in the strong current finish cleaning function in removing impurity

2.Simple structure and low failure rate
The sand washer has simple and reasonable structure, impeller drive separate with water and the water material, novel sealing structure, fully enclosed oil bath type, which avoid the bearing to flooding, sand and pollutants cause damage.

3.Long service life and free from contamination

4.Good structure, effective seal design making the machine can not need many maintenance, durable; Low water consumption, low noise, in line with the state environmental protection standards

Operating principle:
On the line, within the triangle belt, speed reducer, slowly gear drive the impeller, motor is rotating. Sand through the feed tank into the wash tank, rolling by the impeller, then mutual lapping to remove the sand surface impurities. For another, it add water and from a strong current so as to take away the impurity and the small foreign body timely, then discharge from the wash tank, complete the cleaning. Clean sand flow away by blade, the remains sandstone through rotating impeller to discharge to complete sand cleaning.

Application:The machine is applied to metallurgy,building materials,hydroelectricity industries doing the work of washing, grading, removing impurity, it is suitable for fine particle size and coarse granularity material to do the washing operation, building sand, sand road of appropriate.

Material: The machine is applied to metallurgy, building materials, hydroelectricity industries doing the work of washing, grading, removing impurity

Model XSD2610 XSD3016 XSD3620
Impeller specification (mm) (OD×W) φ2600×1000 φ3000×1600 φ3600×2000
Suff size(mm) ≤10 ≤10 ≤10
capacity(t/h) 20-50 50-120 120-180
power(Kw) 7.5 15 18.5
weight(t) 2.68 3.26 4.3
overall dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) 3320×2125×2670 3810×2686×3085 4500×3206×3480

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